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Tulpas and Ketamine use

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I have had a difficult time talking to my tulpa, Alex, recently. For the last several weeks it has been difficult feeling his presence, seeing, and hearing him. This may or may not be related to the fact that I recently started taking ketamine again. I take 100mg troches four times a week, prescribed to me to manage treatment-resistant depression (and it really works wonders!)


I was wondering if anyone else has experience with tulpas and regular ketamine use. Does ketamine make it more difficult for you to hear you tulpa (even when sober?)

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I was taking about 86ish mg of ketamine twice a week for treatment-resistant depression intranasally and it made it a lot easier to talk to my tulpa while under the effects. I don't think it had any effect either way when sober. Now I'm taking sublingual ketamine, and it doesn't really do much tulpamancy related it seems. The intransal was way better for me in that regard.


I don't think your difficulty would be related to the ketamine based on my experience, but maybe it works differently for you. For me it really opens me up to those experiences at best and at worst does nothing.

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