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Trouble visualizing when actively trying

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When I try to actively to visualize, I don't really get to far. Usually there is nothing, maybe sometimes a bit of my wonderland.

However, I always daydream, during then I can clearly see things in my minds eye but the second I become "aware" of my daydreaming the quality instantly cuts out and I'm back to nothing. 

I feel like it's a psychological thing but I'm stumped.

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Presumably the boost in visualization clarity people may get after/during meditation would be a similar concept. You're probably in a slightly different state of mind while daydreaming, given you're differentiating the experiences.


Regardless of anything else, visualization clarity gets better with practice, so if you stick to it it will improve. In addition, you could try to emulate that daydreaming clarity through meditation (the exact kind probably doesn't matter), or inversely you could try to bring the daydreaming state back around to more conscious direction once you're in it, to do what you'd like with it. But failing either, practice will show results over time, if you can keep practicing consistently.

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