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anyone want to draw my tulpa?


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Thank you, and I don't mind the criticism. I did use an adult sim for Lynn, my fault for not asking about her age. It's actually very easy to edit the sim so I can modify her age, skin tone, and face shape if you like! Just tell me in what ways her face could be different. I do want to say that Sims 3 has a particular style to it and it's not always possible to get what's on your mind perfectly onto a sim. I'm happy to do it if you like, but if you don't want it say the word and I won't bother with it.

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i honestly cannot tell what it is about the face shape, it may be the forehead that seems a bit large, but that is probably attributed to using sims


Hello. I have one tulpa, her name is Lynn. Her birthday is the 25th of september, 2021
I guess i should give her a color to talk in? ill go with this one for now. anyways say hi to Lynn!

hi everyone!


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I have lost endless hours to finaggling character generators. Some days they just aren't having it and refuse to allow you to do what you want. That's why I use mods when available to not spend a whole day just doing chargen for a new game. Even then it still happens.

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