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I think my tulpa is…kinda cute?

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Like, I’m greyro, and only feel romantic attraction under certain circumstances, but I legitimately feel like I love love her, and I might not get engaged in other relationships romantically because I think…she’s the one for me!

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Big same only with three other tuppers at this point. I've gone fully off the deep end. Help.

Zen - Host.

Rhys - Tulpa. Initially a Literary Thoughtform.

If text is uncoloured, presume Zen is talking. We go by he/him.

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I don’t have a tulpa yet but from what I’ve observed in the community it seems fairly common for hosts to have romantic feelings for their tulpas. 

I say go for it! ✌️I’m 100% supportive of people having romantic tulpas! ☺️

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