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Connecting with another host in the wonderland

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This is an experiment I'm hoping to try with a willing participate. I've once read a thread on here years ago --possibly back in 2016-- about two host, both attempted to enter one's wonderland, they were successful (if my memory serves me right). Now, I'm hoping to find someone who can help recreate this. I just need one, or more, host, to participate with me, I don't exactly remember the details to initiate this merging of minds but I'm confident we can achieve this. I know this forum is quite slow so I don't expect a reply anytime soon, however, if you are interested please reply and I'll give you my discord so we can chat.



Do what thou wilt with thy weakness
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Hi Monoimus. My tulpa has connected with a tulpa belonging to another host. I am not sure where they have made this connection. I believe that on one occasion it was in my wonderland. I will ask my  tulpa where it happens, if it still does, she hasn't mentioned it recently. I will also ask her if she can repeat the experience. If she can, and is willing, I'll let you know. Perhaps if she thinks it is still in her interest, we can try your experiment. I have read a paper on hypnosis, reporting the experiences of two subjects connecting in a common area while hypnotized. I believe that paper has been cited  on this forum, by member, solarchariot. You might look for it, as it might be what you are referring to. Dr. Bob

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