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Tulpa.info needs your help: A call for donations + new Discord "Patron" role


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Hey everyone!


If tulpa.info has helped you and you would like to give something back, we could very much use some help.


I normally try to stray away from making these topics, though we're running into a bit of a financial situation.


Currently tulpa.info's hosting costs (which includes the domain, forum + plugins, and hosting) total between $40-$45/month.  As of September, we're presently bringing in about $20 in donations per month.


While I have big plans for .info if we ever make a net positive, I would be happy if we could at least break even 🙂


We also still have the Patron role, and we created a new one on our Discord server too, so if you donate we can add you to that role unless you ask us not to.

(since the discord statuses are new, we're erring on the side of caution and asking existing patrons if they would like to have the status -- if you want to be a patron on discord after donating and you aren't, please let us know).


We do still accept donations through PayPal, but if you have a Patreon, we also accept it through there too, and you can read & track our current goals here: https://www.patreon.com/tulpa


Patreon takes out taxes and stuff automatically so it makes keeping track of things at the end of the year a bit easier for me, but I understand it's not accessible for everyone.  PayPal is still fine!


I'm also open to looking at other payment processors too if you have suggestions and the two above don't work for you.


Thanks everyone,

Kind regards,



THANK YOU so much, to all of our current patrons! Some of you have been helping diligently for years now, and I cannot express how much I appreciate it.  I should have really led with this.

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