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can i do forcing while being on antipsychotics?


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im a neurodivergent mentally ill person, so i was wondering if forcing even works while ur on neuroleptics (and if someone tried this before). ive been on them for a while, but im also planning on working more on the voice and visualization, since i already have a headmate who wants to work on this (i have 20+ headmates already, we are an osdd system)
yes, im aware of what im doing, what we are doing, so don't worry. im just afraid that medications can affect forcing and make it harder

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It probably depends on the person and the medication, but usually they don't completely shut down plurality, sometimes they dampen the experiences slightly (might make for example visualization harder), or they might not affect intentional plurality negatively at all while still helping with chaotic/intrusive thoughts, or maybe they just don't affect you much at all. Varies!


Only drawing from a handful of reported experiences though, I wouldn't be completely shocked if someone said some medication did make talking to their headmates super hard or something, just haven't seen that yet

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