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Welcome to Progress Reports! This is a space that every member can and should be starting threads in, no matter what level you are at. The idea behind this board is simple:


Create a thread and put make a title, however you want. It's generally suggested that you put your name in the title so that people can easily find your thread. You can call it "[your name]'s lounge" or "[your name]'s tulpa" or "[your name]'s thread" if you are feeling particularly unimaginative.


What you put in it is generally up to you. You can:

  • Post updates on how your creation is going
  • Get advice from people reading your efforts
  • Add art or images of your tulpa that you made yourself or found on the interweb
  • Just generally comment on how your tulpa is progressing
  • Post adventures that you have with your tulpa in a wonderland


What you shouldn't really do here is:

  • Post lots of little updates throughout the day (this is annoying)
  • Blog about your own life that isn't related to your tulpa
  • Ask a lot of general questions (you'll get a better response in Questions and Answers or Beginner Questions General)


What is not allowed is:

  • Spamming other people's threads
  • Filling up other people's threads with nothing but general questions (read the FAQs instead)
  • Posting NSFW images (Some borderline-NSFW tulpa reference images may be allowed, but questionable material should be marked as such and put inside [hidden] tags.)


Only one Progress Report is allowed, per user and per system. All updates should go into the same thread.


Discussion of adult topics such as sexuality is permitted, so long as you handle it maturely and don't get overly explicit. Mentioning your tulpa's feelings about their sexuality is okay for instance; talking about dirty things you did or would do with your tulpa or host is not. If a mildly explicit description is justifiably needed, it should be placed inside [hidden] tags.


It's your own blog, but it's a Tulpa.info blog. Everyone's blogs are in the same place, in the same format and on the same subject - tulpa creation. For those of you wondering why we don't just start blogs on official blog sites and link back here - everyone knows the format and layout for Tulpa.info, and this way everyone can comment and try it out without having to set up an account on another site. If you already have a tulpa blog going on another site, you may link to it in your own thread.


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