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kakeli's Guide To Better Visualization


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Back. Well, I have to say, I had lots of fun doing this and my visualization for Honey increased tenfold. This is definately reccommended if you want to challenge yourself into going full detail into how your tulpa looks, smells like, and tastes like.. if you are into that....



Here is my report.





Species: Mobian cat.




Blood type: Dunno... i dont like blood.


Sight: Honey is an anthropromorphic cat with black hair with long ponytails on the back of her hair. Her fur color is a bright yellow with her eyes being dark orange. Honey smiles with a kitty face and she often makes a kitty face. Even when shes sad, she makes an upside down V mouth. She also lets her ears droop down when she is sad. She wears white laces in between her pony tails and ears. She sports a white muzzle and fang like teeth which can be seen when she opens her mouth. Honey wears a red dress with white laces around the edge of the skirt. In between her shirt is a flappy black tie like thing with white laces repeated down it in Xes. She is 3.8 feet tall

and wears boots with high heels. She wears black panties, sometimes white wheb.n she is a little kinky.


Touch: Honeys fur is very soft. Not too fluffy and not too rough. Her hair is softer than her fur and her dress is made of fabric with the black thing in the middle being made of scratchy material. Her breath is warm.


Smell: Honey being a fashionable girl, she cares much about what she smells like. Honeys hair can smell like various fruits and could smell like a strong flavor of bubblegum when she is in an overall happy mood. However it wears out at night so I could sleep. Hed breath smells minty fresh because of her desires for clean looks.


Hear: Honeys voice is very sweet sounding and high pitched, but no t too high. This is due to her friendly personality and young age. Her breathing is quiet and can hardly be heard.


Taste: I guess if I bit her she wouldnt taste good. Besides even if I did, shed probably slap me.

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