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Read this before posting!


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This section is meant for prompting advice about tulpae. Want to know if you can tulpaforce into an object? This is the right place, but if you're asking "How big is your tulpa?" then you're probably best off in General Discussion.


There is a chance that your question has already been answered, so before creating a duplicate topic, it's recommended that you do a few things first.


First, if you haven't yet, I would recommend checking out the Guides section, especially the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question is already answered there.


Next, before making a new topic in this board, please first search to see if there is an existing topic on the subject.


If you can't find a satisfactory answer to your question using the resources above, feel free to make one of your own. Please remember to name your thread in such a way that it is easy for others to search for, and makes it clear what your thread is about. Don't call it "Help!", or "I have a question", but rather "Can tulpas create other tulpas?", or "Can I visualize with my eyes open?", etc.


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