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I am well aware that this post will probably incur the wrath of users in this forum and that many will shun me for my ignorance or lethargy but I will still ask these questions:


I got into the whole tulpa ordeal about ... 2 months ago?

It was during school time and ever since I learned about it, I was trying to talk to Vera. See, problem here is that I never really gave myself time to tulpa-force, either my family would question it but I didn't want to bother with explaining because my mother already told me that it's wrong to try and do this and I might lose my sanity because of it and whenever I -did- get the chance to tulpa-force, my thoughts would go astray and I would not be able to 'force properly.

In my daily life I constantly walk around, asking Vera random questions whenever my thoughts center down on a certain subject (Last day it was about PC technology) but I highly doubt it helps, I always speak with her on a daily basis but I don't want to parrot her because it would constrict the freedom that she deserves in growing up.


Whenever I was tulpa-forcing I found that my thoughts always scramble, and I fail to 'force properly, I already imagined "The Compass of the Mind" which is basically a half-spherical/half-dome place that possess the capability to project whatever the visitor wills and this place is Vera's home. My 2nd attempt at tulpa-forcing yielded a journey which I call "The Journey of the Hollowed Ones", if you so wish I could elaborate on this further later on but it matters not right now.


So, after reading this, you're probably wondering what my problems are, well, to center it:

1. Will Vera still receive her voice with this way of living? Through constant, short interactions?

2. Will Vera still benefit if I cut my tulpa-forcing in the middle? By that I mean if I pause it and continue another time?


3. How can I improve my concentration and patience? Like I stated a dozen times already, I can't keep my thoughts together and whenever I get the chance to sit down and try to tulpa-force for a lengthy amount of time, I find that I don't have the patience to walk her through any scenario I might think up.


And on a unrelated note, do you think it's possible to ask your Tulpa for assistance in lucid dreaming? Not in the current state but when they develop their voice and at least some of their personalities?


I eagerly await your responses and I will endure any hate or anger you may decide to divulge in my post.


And I apologize if I broke any rules.

Thou Vexed, Brethren?

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CrazyLance, you should not be worried about the opinions of others that might treat you negatively. Even though the questions thread usually have similar trends, ultimately, we'll find that we can't make concrete terms on how to have practical tulpaforcing sessions.


It's usually based on experiential learning from others, and them attempting to contribute to the totality of the community's knowledge with how one can go about making the tulpa experience natural to them.


The thing that most people have trouble with in guides is because they usually have words like:




"Consciously focus"

"Visualize consciously"


Instead of finding ways to convince the unconscious to learn these concepts at a FASTER rate. Let me use an example real quick on this.


I want you to try very hard to keep your eyes opened, and the more you attempt to do this, you'll have to try harder to sustain this. It's important for you to keep your eyes opened for as long as you can.


The thing is, we know that we can't keep our eyes opened forever, because when the eyes become fatigued, they WILL CLOSE, whether we decide to give up consciously or we unconsciously close them.


So imagine you trying your best to not parrot your tulpa, that you want to give them freedom, a sense of their own selves. Even fathoming how one goes about doing this CONSCIOUSLY is difficult, and the key into have productive tulpa sessions, is to know your limits.


Your conscious can only sustain a few ideas (maybe 5-9 at once, excluding your tulpa's more broader awareness of things). So when you "try" to imply that there's independence your tulpa has, combined with trying to narrate, then trying to find time with a family that thinks you're crazy for doing it, and much's no wonder how it's hard for anyone to be calm and relaxed in doing so.


What I'm about to give you is something you can use as a supplement to your tulpaforcing endeavors, it's about planting a seed of suggestion to your mind that your unconscious, the totality of all experiential learning you contain will be able to process and learn things much faster than you can do consciously.


For me, I made a different script for training Eva to become more vocal and me becoming more receptive to her voice, but the thing is, you have to slip suggestions of learning in a comfortable and relaxed mindset and lulling your critical factor to sleep (the factor in your mind that's worried about families, your attempts, etc. and how it analyzes them)


Which is why you see newcomers or just general users say "Oh, I tried that already." You can tell that it implies they failed, but the thing is, they tried to do it consciously in one sitting instead of informing the mind to learn it unconsciously. The same goes for visualizations, it's about working smarter with your mind, not harder.


Below is a script that you can use if you want to that can help you learn unconsciously how to hear Vera's voice more to the point where with practice and belief, things come by naturally.


It won't take long for you to read, maybe 15-20 minutes at most, but if you want one route of getting:


- Better concentration and patience


- Letting your unconscious do the imagination for you


- Listening to Vera more and being more receptive to her voice and her becoming more vocal


- Her establishing her own sense of independence


Then I feel this script can be a useful supplement for those desires. Try it out for a week, maybe even 2 weeks, and really get into speaking in a calm, relaxed, and confident tone of voice.


So when you find time to tulpaforce, incorporate this in the session. See it as a precedent, or preparing yourself to get into better concentration in your tulpaforcing sessions.


Remember, speak slowly (but at a moderate pace) and in a calm and relaxed tone of voice (the stuff that's italicized).


You can either:


1. Speak aloud (in a calm and relaxed tone of voice)




2. Mentally read it and silently mouth the words in a calm and relaxed tone of voice (this can help so no one would be bothered by you)



and do this when you have time for yourself. Don't do this while driving a car of course:


As I go through this hypnosis session in a calm and relaxed manner, my unconscious, the storehouse of all my abilities, memories, and experiences will begin to quickly learn sensations and thoughts naturally during my attempts to tulpaforce and having better assurance on sentience with Vera. In order for me to have a better time listening to Vera's voice, and her naturally talking to me in all scenarios, relying on the unconscious being able to process all this will help alleviate the burden compared to doing so consciously.


And I acknowledge that in order for me to have better communication with Vera, I have to also have faith in her being able to create her own sense of self and her ability to think for herself. I can begin learning how to have better focus and concentration during my tulpaforcing sessions or unconsciously processing the experiences during my natural sleeping.


The experiences will extend beyond my tulpaforcing sessions as well with ease, because the unconscious is what calculates and processes these things for me so that I can have an easier time enjoying my experiences with Vera's voice and much more. I am aware that I want to do my best to be more receptive to Vera's voice, but I also am aware that allowing other aspects of my mind to help me reach that stage is more practical and easier for me.


The more I begin to allow my unconscious to process how I conceptualize hearing and talking to Vera clearly, fluently, and smoothly, the more I'll be able to experience her becoming vocal at her own pace. I have faith and trust in Vera being able to access my unconscious, that we will be able to share this in order for both of us to grow into individuals that can think for themselves and collaborate with each other.


When I find myself being able to process my unconscious showing me images and such to increase my imagination and thus increased inward focus, the more I'll be able to have productive, natural, and easy tulpaforcing sessions. I should remember that as long as I continue having faith for Vera, that she will blossom in her own being, her own true self, my unconscious will calculate and create what is needed in order for me to experience that with her.


It's as if all that was needed was some faith and practicing daily and my unconscious being able to create a natural, pleasant, and rewarding experience when I talk to Vera. My conscious awareness is like going through a dark cave with a torch in my hand.

My horizon of seeing things based on the range of the torch can be expanded more with the help of my unconscious learning naturally and with confidence. In order for me and Vera to have a healthy, productive, collaborative, and strong relationship with each other, I will find myself allowing my unconscious to handle things beyond how I become aware of things consciously.


The same awareness is something my unconscious will easily be able to process and learn in order for me and Vera to talk naturally to each other as I go about doing more things in life beyond tulpaforcing. When I realize how easy it is for my unconscious to aid me in hearing Vera's voice more, the more I realize how easy it is for Vera to use my unconscious into getting her vocal abilities being able natural and easy for both of us to imagine and experience, and this will become easier for me to learn as well.


Sooner or later, I will be able to naturally find myself in engaging conversations with Vera, conversations about anything that comes to our minds that I am positive will be a comfortable and natural experience. I will be able to unconsciously balance other situations in my life that may challenge my concentration, because that's what my unconscious is there for.


Knowing that the love within me, the unconditional love my unconscious has to do things that would be difficult for me to do consciously will give me more confidence and thus better awareness of being focused on Vera's voice. How I hear her voice will be natural, so that every time I listen to her consciously or subconsciously, the unconscious and Vera being able to access it as well will allow her to become more vocal to me.


There's no need to understand clearly how the patterns and process of hearing Vera's voice works, until I continue making consistent effort to practice them alongside with Vera and other aspects of my mind. It's not necessary for me to focus on how differently she speaks compared to others, I simply have to notice how naturally she speaks and being able to refine her voice with ease.


I will notice what it's like to have blissful, natural, comfortable, and relaxing experiences whenever I talk to Vera during and after my tulpaforcing sessions. My awareness during those sessions will expand beyond that, and it's a good thing that I'll be able to unconsciously learn and process things, because this is what enables me to have better results.


Vera's voice will continue to become natural because I have faith that she will be able to work at her own pace, and her developing this independence she deserves will enable her to communicate with me much faster and smoothly.


Now, all I have to do is to have fun during my tulpaforcing sessions and having fun beyond that.


Because knowing how fun it was in the past to learn things naturally at an unconscious level, I know that it will be fun enjoying the process of learning, so I can look forward to how much I can enjoy my tulpaforcing sessions with Vera and beyond those sessions.


Feeling the unconditional love of Vera and other elements of my mind to unconsciously learn and process this so that I may have more awareness of her voice will enable me to begin having better concentration and focus. Now I can begin my sessions and in all cases with enthusiasm because the learning process will come by naturally and unconsciously."







Try it out maybe at least two times a day (like try it one time, and then wait maybe 1-2 hours or whatever you feel reasonable per day) so that you can have the suggestions grow within your unconscious.

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1. Well... that's what I did. Well, mostly. You could always rely on passive forcing more. Keep her in the back of your mind all day and call her up to talk to her with random bits of narration throughout. Of course, you should still actively force some too. It really doesn't have to be much, just an hour before bed or something.


2. I believe so, as long as the times in between aren't too long.


3. Oh my god dude, exact same problem. Honestly, I dunno. Like I said, same problem, meaning I don't have a solution. I remember I used to just keep repeating my tulpa's name to keep myself focused. Probably annoyed the crap outta him, but it worked more or less.




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Thank you for the script, I will definitely try it and attempt to commit to memory and unconcious.



There is no need to search for a easy method, I am willing to put effort into it if it means I achieve better concentration.

Thou Vexed, Brethren?

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1. I suppose. That basically sounds like what we would call 'narration' - talking to your tulpa as you go about your day. As long as you do it a lot, and you are actually talking to your tulpa rather than just aloud in your head, it should be enough. That said, it's still good to dedicate some time to your tulpa.


2. Yes, probably. But if you can't get more than ten minutes down each time, then that's not going to be too helpful. Really, you should try to set some time when you're not going to be disturbed. If your family really won't let you be alone for a hour then well I don't know, you have problems there.


3. Patience and concentration are learned. If you want to improve it, practice it. Otherwise, try to relax before and after as well. Maybe if you are just playing video games before and after that will mess with your concentration, so read a book beforehand or something.


About lucid dreaming, I guess but what's more helpful is doing a lot of closed-eye visualisation. Your tulpa might be able to do stuff, though I've never seen it; but really if you want to LD then visualise a lot, and/or try established techniques.

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That's a problem since I always talk aloud in my head, the only times I -do- get the chance to actually talk is when no one is home or when I visit a friend and that's something I don't do too often. Is there a difference between speaking in your mind or aloud?

Thou Vexed, Brethren?

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Ah, sorry, what I meant there was talking to your tulpa in your head as opposed to just talking in your head, if you see what I mean. The point is that you 'direct' your thoughts/speech at your tulpa.


Talking out loud is marginally better too, but not necessary; it only helps you differentiate your thoughts from your tulpa's.

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Since I do not wish to parrot Vera, I must ask, what should I do in our Tulpa-forcing sessions? For the last couple of days I've been basically guiding her along places (First it was a forest, our latest journey was over a frozen mountain).


Am I doing it right?

I visualize myself walking around and performing things while Vera tags along or helps me in a certain task I can't finish by myself. I visualize her with me as well but she does not comment or react to words and such.

Thou Vexed, Brethren?

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Well then, any suggestions on where I should go then? Right now I'm kind of trying to finish a desert tower that will yield a Fire Stone, still need the Earth Stone (I know, I know) and Wind Stone.


It's kind of hard to visualize walking on clouds, since I've never done that.

Thou Vexed, Brethren?

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