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My Tulpa in My Dreams?


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I've read that your tulpa can infact join your dreams.


I've read through this thread (and others)



So now I wanted to know how I really can get my tulpa to regularly (naturally)

appear in my dreams (right now he's not vocal yet, but I believe somewhat sentient), so I can force there (also getting Lucid Dreams).


I haven't read anything on how I can achieve Melank to dream my dreams with me, other than telling him/asking him to do it.


Any ideas (that I don't know yet) ?



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Like that thread you mentioned, people worry about:


  • Duplicate tulpas or multiple tulpas
  • "Transcending the thought-form from dreaming state to waking life"
  • Skill level of lucid dreaming
  • ADA (All Day Awareness) - which is discussed in more detail here:


Obviously, when you see people have fears over dream characters (thought-forms) and the patched-up existential aspects of the tulpa one would create in waking life, it's a matter of disposition and personal research. We can't give you empirical evidence, it's something you have to make true for yourself.


Things such as this, this, and all sorts of books/journals/articles that can be found here that can help you compare and make your own reasoning if your tulpa can join you in your dreams.


The main dilemma people may subscribe to is the normative dreams based on pre-existent memories and somatic and psychosomatic processes being mundane, random, and potentially inconsistent to be used in tandem for tulpaforcing.


Having a decent proficiency in lucid dreaming itself is another challenge that others may not want to practice, but if you do put in the work for it, it can be a useful tool for tulpa creation and interaction. After all, you are diving into a different state of consciousness, and it's really not a concept that's new or revolutionary, just look for research papers and such from Stephen LaBerge and others.


tl;dr: It's a matter of disposition. The pragmatic way for you to handle this is that if you're interested in having your tulpa in your dreams, practice lucid dreaming, but know it will require long-term commitment like tulpaforcing. If you can bear with that, and you gain overall proficiency in dream recall (non-lucid and lucid) and such, then it's not really abnormal or "impossible" for the tulpa to enter your dreams and vice versa for waking state.


The challenge is distinguishing your actual tulpa vs. dream characters that may seem similar to your tulpa in normative dreams (e.g. based on dream day residue, somatic/psychosomatic processes, and what would be considered a mundane process of the mind filtering out meaningless and random data).


With practice, and some communication with your tulpa, it's probable that you can close the gap of uncertainty on which dream characters are your tulpa or are just "dream versions" or whatever label you want to categorize them.

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Thank you very much for that detailed and informative answer! You're great!


As you maybe know I came here from the dreamviews subforum.

I have a pretty good idea of lucid dreams and such (Allthough i think your links will give me many new information).

I can see what the dangers are of forcing while dreaming, and I now know I'm going to be careful.


But I read the official FaQ (http://wiki.tulpa.info/Official/FAQ) and I read this:


Q: What does the tulpa do while you're sleeping?

A: Because the mind never totally shuts down, the tulpa continues to exist and be there. What they do, however, is up to the tulpa. Some are known to interact with dreams, while others may spend time in a mental environment (see Wonderlands), some go to sleep as well, etc.



Now my only remaining question is:

How can I influence how my tulpa is going to dream?

If there's any kind of information/experience on that please tell me!



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It seems to be a loaded question you're giving, maybe a different question would be:


How can I contribute to my tulpa being able to go into a dream?


And although anecdotes can get you so far into answering your question, consider this:


1. I'm not sure if you have some form of communication with your tulpa, but talking things out with them can break some barriers in confusion. Go with the expectation that they will join you and just go through the motions. (See #2)


2. Check out the DreamViews Wiki , or better yet, this WILD section lectured by Sageous may be useful. It seems that if you were to perform LD techniques like Dream-Initated Lucid Dream (DILD) and such, you wouldn't have a direct means of shifting from waking to dreaming state that a WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming) can do.


Maybe you can practice becoming better at WILD, and the same link I mentioned about Sageous, he gives a pretty detailed explanation on how one can go about doing it. Although you can find information elsewhere, I personally recommend you read the information he has if you have the time. It may be a lot to absorb, but it's something that can be used as a long-term reference.


3. Presuming you can do a WILD fairly well, or at least have high rates of lucidity from it, just communicate with your tulpa and ask if they would like to shift into the dreaming state with you. Obviously, you could do this through the classical method of :


  • Sleeping for a few hours (4-6)
  • Wake up to do a WBTB (Wake Back to Bed) and talk to your tulpa in advance
  • Attempt WILD
  • ?????
  • Whatever happens, happens.




And if possible, just continue being versatile with other LD techniques. If there's one lesson you should take from Sageous is that the techniques are simply opportunities for lucidity, it doesn't matter how you get there. If you get lucid from a DILD or WILD, it leads to the same end-goal.



Other than that, you're just going to get anecdotes from others that will correlate to what I stated above. I'm not sure if others may give their thoughts here, but Dream Views seems to be a more pragmatic way of gaining information than on this forum.

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Thanks again, I see my question isn't as easy as I hoped it would.


Back when I really tried to get into LDing I was very, very bad at wild.

But I'm going to take the time and try to relearn it with Sageous' class,

as I also think it could be very useful for taking my tulpa with me.


And no, Melank is not vocal yet.

If you want, maybe you could take a quick look at my PR! :)



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