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Possession/Switching while asleep?


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Last night I was apparently up and according to my father, "Wanted to look at myself"


Somehow I said that, but I don't remember ever getting up in the middle of the night, turning on the light, looking at myself in the mirror, turning out the lights, and going back to sleep. I remember just dreaming the whole time.


So has anything like this ever happened to anyone else here? If so, can you explain what happened? Any bit of advice or information is appreciated.

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Yes, tulpas can do that sometimes, though it could also have just been a weird dream and a bit of sleepwalking. I'd suggest having a talk with your tulpa about it if you can communicate, even through yes/no head pressures or whatever. If not, still monolog at them about it ("if it is you doing it..."). Are you okay with it? If so maybe give some pointers on how to behave and not raise too much suspicion when doing it.


As far as your father is concerned, if you haven't told him about your tulpa, just say you must have been sleepwalking and don't remember it.

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I actually think it is quite entertaining and my tulpas ARE vocal, so I asked them, but they refused to answer me. My father does know about the tulpa idea, but he doesn't know that anything past vocal talking inside my head.


Cynthia has been getting impatient with switching though…


I'll keep an open mind as far as possibilities come. Thanks for the advice.

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