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Tulpas and music

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Well I listen to alot of music and watch movies in my free time.

So whenever I focus on the music while listening (paying attention to the different layers of it, the percussion, rhythm, etc) I feel my tulpa, and sometimes I think she likes the music and kind of responds to it.


While doing homework, I can't really focus on the music, and this doesnt really happen much.


Songs that lyrics aren't in English/not very deep doesn't have much of an impact, but some instrumental-only songs she seems to like.


A few songs that I think she reacted to:




This ever happen to you guys?

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Yeah, it’s happened to me many times with Eva and Ada, and I won’t be too surprised if that would be the case for others that use music as a means of therapy or a form of connecting with their tulpas more.


It helps a lot with the host reducing their anxiety if the music is pleasing for them, at least based on my experience. And like your companion, it would be natural for both of you to be inspired and have impact towards music that may cause highly positive emotional shifts in behavior.


Sometimes the instrumental music can be just as inspiring as the ones with lyrics because there’s no words for the person to be bothered about. They can use it as a supplement towards going into whatever subjective and imaginative interaction they want to go through with their tulpa.


And I guess since you posted some youtube links, here are a few that me, eva, and ada like:











And there's also a thread that you could go to if you have any tunes specifically in relation to tulpas here

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I also like listening to music while I force. It's mainly instrumental. As has already been said it is less distracting than songs. I also find some actually help to visualize, where as some help me to relax.

This is my favourite for visualizing(I don't know whether it is actually good for anyone but me. It could just be good because my tulpa is a dragon, and I relate this to dragons).


I find for relaxing if you just search "keep me chilled"


Hope this was helpful.

Part of the road to becoming a better person lies in defeating the darkness inside yourself, then helping others to do the same.


There is nothing to compare to watching a sunrise with those who you love the most.

"Step by step, moment by moment"



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