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Is my servitor now a tulpa in the making?

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Before I came across this forum, I didn't realize I had created a something like a servitor to comfort me when I was feeling down.


After reading through the forum and thinking about it, I decided that I didn't want to use him just as a way to cope with being lonely and depressed. I wanted to have a companion by my side to talk with and to be a happier person. I read from the guides that you had to narrate to a tulpa to give them sentinence, so I tried telling him about my day (something I never did before) and suddenly felt this happy and warm feeling in my chest. The feeling dissipated once I stopped talking to him


Is it a possibility that he's now something more than a servitor? Or was it possibly just me?

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The reason why you’re having concerns is that how you’re ontologically defining a tulpa is fairly patchy and rudimental with no attempts in mixing things up with subjectivity. It seems it’s to the point where you’re thinking that just because the thought form exhibits one or a few mental attributes (i.e. consoling you), that they’re deemed as servitors.


There isn’t a strict procedural pattern of servitors or any other primitive thought-form people believe in having to go through the Tulpa DMV so they can get their license to become a tulpa. And when reading whatever guides that tells you had to narrate to a tulpa to give them sentience, maybe you’re interpreting those guides in the wrong manner.


If anything you should take from those guides is that it's the thought that counts. Going through the mannerisms of narrating to your tulpa and treating them like any entity you would talk about in storytelling/experiential learning/past events/etc. ties into the whole "treating them as sentient" philosophy.


You don’t “give” tulpas sentience in a traditional sense of thinking they’re lower and primitive thought-forms that require only conscious effort (from the host) to develop sentience. The conscious effort and practice, whether you’re subscribing to the self-fulfilling prophecy of treating them as sentient beings, or something else entirely, is just part of the process. But because we’re consciously focused on that part (and often unaware of whatever could be going on in the back of our minds), it feels like our conscious efforts would play the bigger role.


Obviously, other aspects of your mind would contribute to filling in the blanks that this forum is gradually trying to find better ontological and psychological standpoints to conceptualize. It’s a gradual learning curve, and I can understand why you would think your thought form is a servitor.


You only gained an experiential truth of one of his mental attributes, and just because he seems to be proficient in that ability to console you for the time being doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be considered a tulpa. Try to see it in a perspective where they're getting progress in sentience in increments rather than believing that a tulpa has to have a mélange of mental attributes and cognition all working simultaneously in order to ontologically define or having teleological presumptions on validating them as tulpa.


Understand that your teleological approach on him consoling you is just part of whatever intrinsic finality tulpas may be a part of (i.e. contributing to an overall rapport of self). It’s because of the term servitor and the unintelligible equivocation on how people try to distinguish them from tulpas is what causes concerns like this to be prevalent.



If you have the intention of making a tulpa instead of a servitor, my advice to you is to get the term "servitor" away from your conceptual framework on tulpas. Because even if you use the term as a transient mode of conceptualizing the progress of the level of sentience your tulpa has, you may find yourself being stuck on where to go next should any breakthroughs come about.


And then you'll be wondering again,


"Hey guys, is this a tulpa?"



It's really a matter of disposition, especially since their existence are more conceptual and contingent than ours.

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