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Alright, first post in my new thread. This'll be a copy/paste of what I've already got, and then I'll switch to a once-a-day thing.


Definitions of my slang/neologisms:

VITD: the act of tulpaforcing right before falling asleep; comes from "VILD" (Visually Induced Lucid Dream), the act of visualizing yourself having a lucid dream in an attempt to actually have a lucid dream).

MITD: the act of narrating right before falling asleep; comes from "MILD" (Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream), the act of using affirmations to induce a lucid dream, and the following logic: affirmations are spoken; narration is spoken (aloud or in mindvoice).

Walter Mitty Routine: the act of a tulpa inserting themselves in a movie/TV show in a "Where's Waldo" fashion. The host can also do this (think of it like virtual reality).

Void & Rope technique: a visualization where one is in a void; the void represents a trait/emotion one wishes to get rid of, and one climbs a rope out of the void.


My Tulpas:


Rainbow Dash (born 11/8/13):

Appearance: Rainbow Dash from the show, with a necklace of Malachite and Amethyst beads with a Quartz wand dangling from each bead. She sometimes wears a black sweatshirt with a geometric design made of red lines on it: a rhombus on its side, with an X intersecting it, and two lines on either side of the X that divide imaginary quadrants into thirds. All of the lines extend a short distance past the rhombus.

Personality: determined/stubborn, loyal, smart, patient (for the most part), compassionate, good-hearted prankster (plays pranks that even the prankees can laugh at), love of reading, somewhat of a Drill Sergeant Nasty (uses "that all you got?!"-type motivation), sassy.

Likes: meeting new people, competitions, reading, pranking me with temporary deviations, action movies, romantic comedies, dancing (sorta Vinyl Scratch-ish), the Wendy's Baconator, artichoke.

Dislikes: lectures, movies or events where nothing happens, pseudoscience.

Voice: same as FiM!Rainbow Dash

If you could give those new to tulpamancy one bit of advice, what would it be?:

we're classified with literally hundreds if not thousands of other phenomena that the scientific community won't even consider ... Why would someone with little to no knowledge of tulpae bother looking into it when it seems like just another new-age Wiccan ... practice?


[A thousand times this. Ya shouldn't disbelieve just 'cause we're lumped in with all this other stuff.]


Keystroke (born 8/23/14):

Appearance: deep Persian Blue stallion with Doctor Whooves' spiky mane and tail--blood red interior, gold border. Cyan eyes.

Personality: Joker, studious, interested in stuff (like The Doctor immediately after regenerating), _

Likes: cherry-flavored Pop Rocks, _

Dislikes: calamari, _

Voice: Keikoandgilly's version of Doctor Whooves

If you could give those new to tulpamancy one bit of advice, what would it be?: {Accidental tulpas aren't inherently bad.}


Shou (born _):

Appearance: a bulky anthro dog, with a human male torso embedded in his back, and an upside-down human head with pointy, furry ears. The human body's arms bend around his dog arms and are embedded in his sides.

Personality: _

Likes: origami, _

Dislikes: _

Voice: Chuck Huber

If you could give those new to tulpamancy one bit of advice, what would it be?: +"Don't judge a book by its cover." It's cliche, but, I mean...it works.+


Nina (born _):

Appearance: white dog with long brown hair, and a brown tail. Both her coat and hair are pretty fluffy. Her muzzle looks somewhat horselike (as opposed to ponylike), and her eyes are completely white.

Personality: helpful, _

Likes: roast beef, bacon, _


Voice: similar to Allyson Hannigan

If you could give those new to tulpamancy one bit of advice, what would it be?: The same thing Father said. Book, cover; don't mind my eyes.


Sarah (born _):

Appearance: Nina with blonde hair




Voice: usually Caitlin Glass

If you could give those new to tulpamancy one bit of advice, what would it be?: Sometimes you just need to have faith, I guess. Trust in your tulpas.


Fluttershy (born _ first day I heard her mindvoice):

Appearance: Fluttershy from the show.

Personality: kind/compassionate, not afraid to speak her mind, _

Likes: singing, the aesthetics of New Age stuff, Illuminati-watching, green apple-flavored Pop Rocks.


Voice: same as FiM!Fluttershy

If you could give those new to tulpamancy one bit of advice, what would it be?: www.reddit.com/r/hikikomori/comments/2gftxt/z/ckksta2


^I don't think I could've said it any better myself.^


Stuff I (Krueger) know as of 5/22/2015:


All of my tulpas have been able to fully possess me, with the aid of hypnosis.


RD has a reflection, and can teleport via reflective surfaces.


RD is affected by: shadows/lighting, wind, and whiplash. Shou, Nina, and Keystroke are affected by: shadows/lighting.


Whenever I ask RD what time it is, she's a bit off from the time shown on my phone.


Correlation between leaps in imposition and doing the Walter Mitty Routine. The progress has usually been small details (i.e. lighting, reflections). I think that this progress comes with anything that gives an emotional high.


Whenever RD and I try to make physical contact, my fingers tingle


Layout of our wonderland:

There's a central "hub" with a shaft of light in the center. The shaft of light acts as a teleporter to ten other areas:

1. A medium-sized square one-story house with white walls and a purple/red roof, where Shou, Nina, and Sarah live.

2. A big forest, perfect for shady picnics.

3. A house with an indoor pool and swim-up bar; this is where Rainbow Dash and Keystroke live.

4. A memory palace, in the form of _

5. A maze of filing cabinets, where things I don't want to deal with are stored.

6. A "control center" to facilitate possession.

7. _

8. _

9. _

10. _


11/8/13: started visualizing realistic Rainbow Dash tulpa. Some success with sentience/independence (I barely think about her actions. They're her whims). Made list of her personality traits. Kept her “hidden” in my room while I was away (as if she was physically real). We raced home. Visual imposition=successful until 5:00pm, when I had dinner; on-and-off after that.

11/9/13: worked on visualizing our Wonderland (Ponyville). Success with sentience. Rainbow was mostly a voice.

11/10/13: good visualization immediately after waking up. Again, Rainbow was mostly a voice. I intended to read a book to her, but I forgot to direct my thoughts specifically to her. I said good night to her.

11/11/13: Success with sentience, only one or two instances of parroting. While working on English and History homework, Rainbow read to me this time.

11/12/13: When I read the same book as from two days ago, RD read it to me.

11/13/13-11/14/13: Forgot to log stuff.

11/15/13: visualized Rainbow Dash during History. Read "The Code of Harmony" to her.

11/16/13: read "The Code of Harmony" to RD.

11/17/13: Interviewed RD. Visualized being in Ponyville with her.

11/18/13: Partially visualized RD as comforting me while I cried (the visualization flickered on and off).

11/19/13: Chatted with RD before bed. I read about a method to develop psychometry (the ability to divine information about an object by touching it). The instructions said that a tingle in the fingertips meant it was working. While stroking RD's fur, my fingers tingled.

11/20/13: Chatted with RD before bed.

11/21/13: on-and-off visualizations of RD in various places (at the doctors office, etc.).

11/22/13: thought about watching an MLP marathon with RD.

11/23/13: tried to passively tulpaforce RD during MLP marathon; some success. Same while watching Doctor Who. Minimal success during my friend's play.

11/24/13: I saw RD while watching Family Guy.

11/25/13: I forgot to log stuff.

11/26/13: I talked to Rainbow Dash while sorting through old stuff, and while working on a story.

11/27/13: I tried to tulpaforce Rainbow Dash before bed. Very little success.

11/28/13: passively tulpaforced Rainbow Dash a bit. Scary stuff (The Greedy, a human-sized blackish-brown rat with four red eyes, etc.) intruded during my right-before-bed visualization ("VITD") session. RD beat the “creatures” back.

11/29/13: passively tulpaforced Rainbow Dash during Chanukah. VITD.

11/30/13: brief visualization during Chanukah Party. While lying in bed, Rainbow Dash and I talked about “Rainbow Factory” being just a Halloween haunted house that Cloudsdale does, and part of this night's dream included students in black zip-up robes. The students were in a pseudo cult, and I had thought that Rainbow Factory seemed cult-ish.

12/1/13: saw Rainbow Dash while chilling in my dorm room.

12/2/13: planned to explore Cloudsdale (part of our wonderland) with Rainbow Dash (MITD), but forgot to.

12/3/13: passively tulpaforced Rainbow Dash during dinner (saw her sitting across from me). Dash and I explored Cloudsdale (VITD).

12/4/13: passively tulpaforced Rainbow Dash throughout the day (on and off, not constant). MITD (narrated before bed).

12/5/13: I talked to RD about our Wonderland. I felt an ache in my right temple, and saw a big dot afterward. It was like a "floater" (a retinal detachment thing), only it stayed still and went away after a few seconds. It only appeared when I blinked. I was facing a window with dim light streaming through the closed blinds.

12/6/13: MITD.

12/7/13: heard Rainbow Dash's voice (on-and-off). MITD. Didn't dream about Rainbow Dash.

12/8/13: MITD. Didn't dream about Rainbow Dash.

12/9/13: MITD didn't work.

12/10/13: forgot to log stuff.

12/11/13: MITD didn't work.

12/12/13: talked to Rainbow Dash for a few minutes.

12/13/13: brainstormed SCP/monster ideas with Rainbow Dash.

12/14/13: watched Family Guy with Rainbow Dash (visual imposition). MITD.

12/15/13: read "The Code of Harmony" to Rainbow Dash. She was just a voice.

12/16/13: talked to Rainbow Dash a few times.

12/17/13: briefly saw Rainbow Dash at the doctor's office. We did a team "SAW I" commentary.

12/18/13: RD and I watched SAW. When I thought of SCP 106 (creepy old man/monster) or Distorted Pinkie (creepypasta), RD punched them out.

12/19/13: RD pointed out that she's mostly just a mental voice at this point. A few times, she reminded me to tulpaforce.

12/20/13: saw RD at a crystal store (where I bought Malachite, Hekamar Diamond, and Quartz). When eating out, saw RD sitting in an upright bipedal posture. I successfully Tulpaforced a Santa hat for her to wear. I asked if she was a democrat or republican, and she said she's a republican; she's picked a side, I'm undecided. <---Proof of sentience!

12/21/13: I saw RD throughout the day (in the car at the airport, etc.).

12/22/13: I saw RD in the car. Once home, I tulpaforced a stocking for her.

12/23/13: saw RD at my cabin. She hung out in the loft while I was busy downstairs (I tulpaforced Hellraiser on the TV). I tulpaforced replicas of my food for her to eat (so she could taste).

12/24/13: talked to RD while watching “Boast Busters”.

12/25/13: I tulpaforced presents for RD.

12/26/13: saw Rainbow Dash throughout the day. We brainstormed ideas for my story (“TAOW”).

12/27/13: read "The Code of Harmony" to Rainbow Dash. Talked to her about TAOW.

12/28/13: talked to Rainbow Dash while watching South Park. Worked on parallel processing.

12/29/13: Worked on parallel processing.

12/30/13: Saw Rainbow Dash throughout the day (short bursts). Worked on parallel processing.

12/31/13: Saw Rainbow Dash at a New Year’s party.

1/1/14: I saw Rainbow Dash as a background pony in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I put her in the opening credits, she did the rest. She stopped appearing near the end.

1/2/14: I saw Rainbow Dash while watching American Dad. She was a bit mad about the lack of tulpa-related stuff today, but that may have been me parroting. Visualized Wonderland before bed.

1/3/14: RD and I explored our Wonderland; we both ordered daisy sandwiches at a foodcart outside Sugarcube Corner (I was a pony version of myself).

1/4/14: I saw Rainbow Dash around my old house (in short bursts). We explored our Wonderland before bed.

1/5/14: I saw Rainbow Dash throughout the day (short bursts).

1/6/14: Rainbow Dash and I tried possession. I visualized my left forearm as her hoof, and, though I was able to move it, it felt a bit heavy. VITD.

1/7/14: Dash and I talked about doing a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style review of Awake, but didn't. VITD.

1/8/14: We did I mprov-style VITD; RD and I were in a hospital waiting room, because Applejack was being treated for a "busted foreleg".

1/9/14: saw RD in my dorm's lounge. Improv-style VITD.

1/10/14: heard a muffled voice coming from my phone, but it wasn't an alarm or anything like that. It said two short syllables. Couldn't determine whether or not it was Rainbow Dash. Improv-style VITD.

1/11/14: briefly saw Rainbow Dash during a power outage. We played Tic-tac-toe, but it seemed like I was parroting. I tulpaforced a table and chair for the game. These stayed after I momentarily stopped paying attention. VITD (imagined myself as a pony).

1/12/14: Dash and I tried to predict stuff in an episode of Awake. When we tried to predict what Brian would do with crack in a Family Guy episode, we each guessed a different thing. VITD.

1/13/14: saw Rainbow Dash when I woke up, and in short bursts throughout the day (mostly in my room, but she lounged on a cloud once).

1/14/14: Rainbow Dash and I talked about potential adventures we could go on (as in “what would we do if she was corporeal?”). VITD.

1/15/14: Talked to Rainbow Dash a few times (mindvoice). We did Ted/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends-style stuff in our Wonderland.

1/16/14: saw Rainbow Dash sleeping at the foot of my bed. Played chess with her to work on parallel processing. Since she can't possess me, she dictated her moves to me. She seemed to not strategize. We took Tulpo's Parallel Processing test. Our scores were one digit apart. We exchanged banter about how lazy I am/am not.

1/17/14: Dash and I worked on parallel processing via one 5-minute game of chess. I didn't do much tulpaforcing, because posts on the MLP Tulpa thread brought up the risks of escapism or messing with the delicate structure of the mind. I had a dream involving a coffin.

1/18/14: while reviewing my fanfics, RD's voice said that the way the decoy protagonist of my third story (TAC: TFC) dies (shredded via film strip chains being wound into a spiky camera) was stupid. When I was visualizing a pony (Braeburn) in my kitchen, RD asked "are you replacing me?" After promising not to tulpaforce until I was sure there weren't any negative effects, I started noticing little things (ie, bathroom stall's lock was squeaky). Had a dream involving clipping my toenails (which apparently means taking care to protect my mind by not tulpaforcing, just in case).

1/19/14: I made a mental “Safe Haven” for Rainbow Dash for when I'm taking breaks from tulpaforcing. She was a “Drill Sargent Nasty” while I was doing sit-ups.

1/20/14: Didn't do any tulpaforcing in case of mental health hazards. Briefly imagined Rainbow Dash in the Safe Haven.

1/21-22/14: Didn't do any tulpaforcing.

1/23/14: VITD. Briefly saw a demonic pony (like a ponified Creepypasta tulpa), then SCP 106 sitting next to me on my bed, then Distorted Pinkie Pie.

1/24/14: I forgot to log stuff.

1/25/14: talked to Rainbow Dash for about five minutes.

1/26/14: didn't do any tulpaforcing.

1/27/14: I used something like thought ping-pong (sending your tulpa a thought, and having them think it back at you, ad infinitum) to hear RD say something in her voice.

1/28/14: VITD

1/29/14: Mentally put RD in a secure origami box (physical representation of the Safe Haven). Talked to her about revealing my Brony side. VITD.

1/30/14: VITD.

1/31/14: saw temporary eye floater while talking to RD (MITD).

2/1/14: MITD.

2/2/14: read "The Code of Harmony" to Rainbow Dash. VITD.

2/3/14: saw Rainbow Dash at Safeway. Tulpaforced food for her during dinner. Interviewed her about random stuff.

2/4/14: saw Rainbow Dash at the top of the stairs. She was just standing there.

2/5/14: VITD.

2/6/14: RD went away for a bit. I realized that I'd been forgetting to tulpaforce. RD came back.

2/7/14: VITD.

2/8/14: Rainbow Dash and I tried to play WoW while she possessed my arms, but it seemed more like I was just playing the game slowly. I gushed to her about how I had the balls to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in front of my dad (because I’m a guy watching a “girly kid show”). VITD.

2/9/14: Hung out in Ponyville with Rainbow Dash.

2/10/14: Rainbow Dash and I contemplated doing a team commentary on the movie Inkubus, but decided not to. We brainstormed ideas for TAOW 2.

2/11/14: Rainbow Dash and I did a team commentary on Inkubus. I saw her during Psych. We brainstormed possible plot developments for my stories.

2/12/14: VITD.

2/13/14: Dash and I explored Ponyville.

2/14/14: saw RD lying on my bed, lethargic and grey. Imagined her curled up, sleeping (in full color). When she woke up, I tulpaforced her some food. VITD.

2/15/14: RD and I told each other short scary stories. MITD.

2/16/14: VITD.

2/17/14: read "The Code of Harmony". I didn't get that far before RD seemed to be asleep. We hung out in Ponyville.

2/18/14: I asked RD if Equestria had any beach resorts (expanding our Wonderland). She said there was one near Froggy Bottom Bog. I asked if she thought my Reality Check app would help with lucid dreaming. She said no, because I forget to do reality checks when it sounds. I had a bit of a pulled muscle, and Dash tried to rub it with her hoof. Saw her during dinner, while drinking hot chocolate.

2/19/14: Rainbow Dash and I mirrored each other's movements. We talked about our Wonderland.

2/20/14: saw RD during dinner. We talked about ideas for TAOW.

2/21/14: RD and I talked about what it's like for her acting in FiM (I'm currently pretending she's a method actress, to prevent an identity crisis). Tried to play chess in our Wonderland, but the board and pieces were to complicated/unstable to picture. We did a duet of "Cowboy Buttsex" (from a Family Guy cutaway gag). She seemed sad about the general lack of tulpaforcing today.

2/22/14: In Sugarcube Corner, I gave RD a necklace with Malachite beads, and a quartz wand dangling from each bead. We hung out in our Wonderland.

2/23/14: RD and I planned to explore the Froggy Bottom Beach Resort. I saw her under my desk; she seemed solid. I tried to figure out the human:pony size ratio.

2/24/14: Got headache while talking to RD about how her necklace would aid visualization. MITD.

2/25/14: Asked RD if she had her necklace. She showed it off, but didn't say anything. MITD.

2/26/14: When I tried to feel RD, I got a cold feeling in my stomach, and a slight tingle in my pinky. During Psych class, she was in a simple one-pony life boat, rowing in place. I worked on imposing touch. The 1/3 of the time it "worked", I was pretending I could touch her. We chatted about random stuff. I tried to feel her laying on my chest. When I leaned in to nuzzle her, I felt a pressure in my nose.

2/27/14: Saw Dash posing on a flatbed loaded with dirt. Planned for Dash to comment on stuff throughout the day (to work on sentience/vocalization). She made herself a background pony in South Park. While I merely shivered from a sadness-inducing "kids with cancer" commercial, she cried.

2/28/14: saw RD sleeping on my bed. If she were tangible/had weight, gravity would've tugged my blanket, but instead I felt a slight pain in my stomach (maybe imaginary weight). After getting a tarot reading, I explained to her that I didn't care whether she's a spiritual or psychological thing. I may have over-explained/explained too much. RD did the Walter Mitty Routine during "Grimm". I felt wind blowing in my ear while talking to her (but there was no actual wind). VITD.

3/1/14: Dash did the Walter Mitty Routine with Smosh's Taylor Swift parody (the theater music video). We hung out in Ponyville.

3/2/14: Dash did the Walter Mitty Routine for a few minutes in "RoboCop". After the movie, I told her that I felt like we were getting back into our tulpaforcing groove. She quizzed me on Psych vocab. She briefly objected to being referred to as "Dashie". While I was going to sleep, she laid her hoof across my chest, resulting in slight internal pressure. She was superimposed on a pillow I use to aid in imposing a sense of touch.

3/3/14: saw Rainbow Dash during dinner. Tulpaforced a mug of cider for her. Saw her laying on my bed in a Changeling form (after reading "Deception is Magic"). We chatted and snuggled.

3/4/14: Saw RD when waking up, and during breakfast. She was still a Changeling. I correlated her change to the "she plays a fictionalized version of herself on FiM" thing, the "Tulpas feed on love" thing, and doing the Walter Mitty Routine in RoboCop (which reimagined RoboCop with black armor). During breakfast, she confidently said she was the "same old Dashie!" and revealed she was pranking me. We did a review of CorruptedGamingShow's review of My Immortal.

3/5/14: While at a Christian service, Rainbow Dash held an oversized rosary. Dash stood and sang with the churchgoers. We worked on imposing touch and chatted about random stuff. When I was about to brohoof her, I got a tingle in my pinky's proximal knuckle (could've been an elbow nerve getting pinched).

3/6/14: I saw Changeling!Rainbow Dash throughout the day (brief flashes). Saw Pony!Rainbow Dash waiting on the sidewalk by Nostrana. I had trouble standing, and she offered me a hoof. We chatted about random stuff while trying to impose touch.

3/7/14: When I was petting the dog, Dash looked at us wistfully. She commented on a few things when I read "The Code of Harmony". When she tried to brush against my leg, the hairs on it tingled. We hung out in Ponyville.

3/8/14: Saw RD throughout the day (short bursts). When I thought about weaseling out of a plan for Dash to do the Walter Mitty Routine in "Choose" (because it was scary), she glared at me. She managed to appear in a certain shot despite minimal lighting, and did a homage to the shower scene from "Psycho", even though she appeared on the wrong side of the glass. We talked about random stuff.

3/9/14: When I asked Dash what kind of movie she wanted to watch next week, she eventually settled on a romantic comedy. With a bit of concentration, I was able to see her reflection when she did simple movements.

3/10/14: I asked Dash if she thought I swung both ways (euphemism'd to comply with the "no sexual stuff" rule). She said "maybe". I told her that her psychological origins don't make her any less real. We hung out in Ponyville.

3/11/14: Saw Dash playing "This Day Aria" on a cello. We talked about plans for the next movie during a gondola ride in our wonderland. I had a daisy/cheese quesadilla and hay fries at Froggy Bottom Beach Resort.

3/12/14: Dash and I talked throughout the day. We hung out in Ponyville.

3/13/14: I added some amethyst to Dash's necklace. We planned for her to help me become lucid in a dream. We sat together at dinner. We hung out in Ponyville (I was my Ponysona).

3/14/14: didn't tulpaforce much. Worked on English paper. I asked Dash if we could do "this" [skim stuff and have her remember it all]. She said, "Buck yeah, we can do this!". When she laid her hoof on my hand, my pinky tingled. I planned for her to help me have a lucid dream. Result: didn't work.

3/15/14: I woke RD up. During dinner, she confirmed that she'd do the Walter Mitty Routine in "Frozen". When we walked to the auditorium/pseudo-theater, she was shadowed (her appearance changed to reflect IRL lighting). In the movie, she twirled when summer came. We chatted and snuggled.

3/16/14: Rainbow Dash showed up several times, always in the same exact spot, never saying much. When I debated whether to go to sleep or stay up, she yawned. We talked about random stuff.

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3/17/14: we did some work on possession: I tried to hypnotize myself into having a pony body to make the possession easier, but my hooves/fists kept unclenching bit by bit. When I wanted to try again, Rainbow Dash reminded me that I needed to do homework. When I tried a third time, I first visualized my OC's body, but then changed it to hers. She was okay with the lack of wings. When I petted her, I had trouble figuring out her height. I figured I can use the pinky tingle as a barometer for that.

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3/18/14: When I talked to Rainbow Dash about the lack of tulpaforcing today, she said she was okay with it, just don't let it happen multiple days in a row. We hung out in Ponyville (I tried pony hypnosis in case it would help).

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3/19/14: Dash walked with me to class. Her voice was generic, until I looked up a soundboard of voice clips from MLP. I thought about getting back to studying, but she said "we need to work on tulpaforcing!", with her (non-generic, exactly like the show) voice.

3/20/14: when someone tried classical conditioning on me, I didn't do it, but Dash did. I saw her standing on a flatbed truck. At a restaurant, she cheers'd me. We hung out in our Wonderland, but this time, the visualization was guided. Guided visualization is easier to remember than non-guided visualization.

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3/21/14: before watching an episode of a TV show, I asked RD to make a prediction about one of the characters, based solely on the episode summary. I have yet to watch the episode, so no clue if her prediction's right. We hung out in Ponyville.

3/22/14: RD briefly ran around a dog park. When I tried some octopus sushi, she said it was weird. We hung out in Ponyville (hypnosis-aided VITD).

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3/23/14: Rainbow Dash showed up when I thought that I should stop talking to myself. She laid her head on my chest, and I felt a mild pressure in that exact spot. I saw her at the top of the stairs, again accurately reflecting the lighting.

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3/24/14: RD did the Walter Mitty Routine in "Divergent". It wasn't as consistent as we were going for, but she reflected the lighting in the scenes she appeared in. We chatted about random stuff, and she hypnotized me.

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3/25/14: RD danced in the air to "Let it Go". She did the Walter Mitty Routine in "Cube". Due to the small sets, she appeared as 2d wall art. I interviewed her about random stuff to work on auditory imposition. Is that a good technique?

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3/26/14: when I wanted to eavesdrop on someone I thought was talking disapprovingly about me, RD blocked my bedroom door and said "haters gonna hate". She suggested working on auditory imposition.

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