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Problems with vocalization?

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So, my tulpa has a full-formed personality, a full formed... form, and I naturally visualize/impose him with very little effort. However, we still have trouble communicating? Sometimes he'll say stuff, but it's so distant and weak. (but also, upon further consideration, I think this is sort of a reassurance that it's not me talking because it's quieter than my own mind voice, which I've never been able to change the volume of.) A few weeks ago, when I was still parroting, I heard him talk, like, with my ears (and mind too), and although I was immediately able to identify it as his voice, it only sounded like heavy static.

Then, I tried to stop parroting so Vellace wouldn't form relying on me to be his voice, but at that point it was already habit, so I'm afraid that there was/is too thin a line between keeping myself from parroting and blocking out Vellace? And now almost every other aspect of him is almost fully formed and I'm afraid that he's just gonna be stuck with this weak-ass mindvoice?

One tulpa named Vellace.

Gender: Male, but gosh dang can he be effeminate.

Age: 17 years old; been around for I think about 4 months now.

Species: Human except with a tail.

Stage: Imposition/visualization.

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I'd say to not worry too much. Vocalization can take more time for some people than others.


Some people use parroting as a way to start vocalization with their tulpa, and I see that you're already making progress on that part, so I don't think there's anything bad in that.

About parroting becoming an habit, I have some experience with that, having parroted my tulpas for years (since they were imaginary friends): but don't worry, that's recoverable too. What I did was to stop parroting completely, and actively trying to listen to their voice (I also used to listen to white noise to help me out a bit), and after some months it got better.


Don't worry about the mindvoice: it will get stronger with time. Just continue forcing and doing some vocalization exercises, and Vellace will be fine :)

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Guest Anonymous

Some say unconcious parroting IS tulpa.Developing an unconcious or concious habit to parrot your tulpa in a way that suits their personality creates a tulpa.Unconcious parroting is done when you don't know or forget that you are parroting.So,You don't need to worry.

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