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Is this kind of like a tulpa or not?

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I had a friend who liked to dream a lot and had her own characters. She liked to imagine them and talked to them with her mind. Like imagining. I got interested in it and found my own characters through interacting with them in dreams and imagining interacting with them at night. (In my head) I've had these characters ever since I was 13.(I'm 20 now) But what I was wondering is if you imagine interacting with these characters a lot is it possible to have a quick mind voice replying to you in your head? I know there are other people in the world who have a voice in their head external sounding or internal sounding like a thinking voice not because they imagined interacting with a character though. I'm pretty sure this happened cause I imagined interacting with the character a lot at night and dreamt about the character a lot in lucid dreams. :P what do you guys think?

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