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Okay, so I was talking to/hanging out with Markus(my tulpa) and she'd spent much of the day "on my shoulder" as I call it. Basically she's viewing things from my perspective and... well kind of like visualization but instead of me going to her in the wonderland she's coming to me and what I see(and all of the other senses) around me. It feels like passive forcing to me but it seems like it had the tiring effect on her that active forcing has on me. This led me to wonder, what would happen if we overdid it?(not that I would really want to try it out; burnout's not fun) What do you guys think about tulpas getting burnout?


EDIT: Didn't put this in questions/answers because this seemed like an interesting thing to have a discussion about :P

Markus is the tulpa, and I don't really have anything else to say.


Markus speaks in Blue!


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I think that people should pretty much force when they can, as much as they want to, so long as you are being productive forcing-wise and not getting you or your tulpa exhausted. If you have a good schedule or routine going, getting tired or worn out after a while can throw things off, so I just try not to go to long or too hard and tire myself or Quilten out while forcing. Staying relaxed benefits the experience and the progress, in my personal experience.


If you or your tulpa does happen to get exhausted at any point, just take a while to chill out, and maybe just lay off on active forcing sessions for a while, so that you don't drain either of you any more than you already are.

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Just being with me in the physical world doesn't have that effect on my tulpae, but controlling the body definitely does. When Link was around and liked spending time in front, whenever he returned to the wonderland after being in front for an extended amount of time (anything upwards of an hour or so), he just went straight to sleep probably about half the time because being in control of the body can be exhausting for a tulpa. Even when he didn't go to sleep afterwards, he was usually visibly tired.


Sarah has only once been in front for an extended amount of time (it was about an hour). Since she was inexperienced with it, she was fighting to stay in control towards the end of the time we were eclipsed because the mental exhaustion was really starting to hit her, causing her control over the body to slip and causing me to be more in front as a result of her having less control. After we separated, she didn't go to sleep, but I did ask her if she was okay and suggest that she get some rest (even though she insisted she was fine) because I'd never seen her so exhausted before.

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