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  2. Can't tell if that's a joke, lol. Obviously, right now is the longest time I've spent fronting in years, possibly since we started switching. Though a couple months before that I also did.. well, maybe only like 1.5 months I guess. I associate giving my tulpas fronting time with not-ignoring-them. Usually I'm too lazy/motivation issues too strong to spend significant amounts of time with them imposed/visualized for more than a week or two at a time, so I don't go this long out of guilt, but I've both been working on my motivation issues (which I decided I'd like to do alone for now) and I have been spending time with them every day, imposed or visualized. That said, I was going to switch with Lucilyn for the weekend, lol.
  3. Honestly, I would be surprised if I remain switched-out for longer than a few days in the future. [Ranger] Good night
  4. Wow, incredible. When was the last time that you, the host, even fronted for that long?
  5. [Ranger] If Tanaka makes a new thread I don't mind copying over my response. [Duck] If I accidentally switched in after Ranger stops being tired, I wonder if I will get switching for free. I got tired with possession, but it was easy. It won't happen, but I was just wondering.
  6. I can't quite remember anymore, but it was a very blatant problem when we first started. Flandre for example would get tired after 4-6 hours the first few days, to the point where she could literally fall asleep (one of them did once, which is incredible as I can never fall asleep outside of actual bed time), but it would be entirely alleviated upon switching back with me. I'm unsure of whether this took a few weeks or a couple months, but it was a gradual process of them being able to stay switched for longer and longer until they eventually hit an entire day without tiredness, at which point they were able to stay switched indefinitely. Lucilyn has fronted for two months straight once, maybe twice. Edit: This feels pretty terrible being in LOTPW, you should've put it in beginner questions or possibly even make its own thread for it. Honestly you should still do that, it's valuable for a lot of systems to know
  7. I have yet to overcome the tiredness, but I have been rarely switching for the last month. I only switched 6 or 7 times now though.
  8. Yes! I agree entirely! I'm glad I came back to this form. Journaling with my system has become much much more easier for me, and I actually consider it a fun part of my day now. I appreciate the reply, thanks 🙂
  9. That's what you've been trying to tell us all along???
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  11. "Breloomancer" and "pizza machine" are both nouns. It all makes sense now!
  12. both of them are nouns, so they may as well be the same thing
  13. Not to me! I know it describes someone who never lets you keep any treasure for yourself!
  14. Banned because as impressive a banner as you were, ultimately, all you did was hang from a wall
  15. i swear that 'rogue' has lost all meaning to us because of rouge lol
  16. I have done a lot of journaling in my life, and have for the most part regarded it as a chore. Now journaling to post has put it in an entirely new frame and I enjoy it. The idea that anyone might read what I have to say prompts me to look twice, and usually I find that I could say things more concisely and to me this means "think more clearly". Soon I am going to start posting what my tulpas write, Flora has asked that I do it, and I am anxious to see what she thinks about the process. Thanks for your thoughts. Dr. Bob
  17. sometimes I used to forget how to spell "of" and kept wanting to spell it as "ov", but I knew that that wasn't right
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