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  2. Lumi gave me (and Tewi) things to do! Well, thing for me, and thing for Tewi, but also we were chilling listening to this vid last night when the 'net was out and I decided another thing for myself, I wanna try and chill/meditate or something. It's weird to want to, like, "work on myself" when there's no actual problem driving it, but I feel like learning to chill and be more focused in day to day life might help me help the system more or something? Thing-from-Lumi though, well Tewi's was first, he wanted her to think about ways we can function better when super-low motivation, like assuming there's times where we just can't make ourselves do anything, to come up with mental strategies for still making the best of those times, and obviously that stuff would probably apply to daily life too if we can actually think of any. So Tewi was going to front for a while, but also I wanna play Breath of the Wild (modded with Nightmare Mode and Zelda model(and cute armors!) and story/dialogues replacement to match), so Lumi said my goal should be to focus on us switching more often! Because really our goal would be to switch out fluidly all the time like up to several times per day, and NOT just sit in the front for a week straight and then someone else fronts, you know?
  3. Groups splintering happens when another medium provides benefits the first medium can't, to the point it becomes a preference or mandatory for a member to communicate. When someone only becomes available through that medium, people move to that medium or shift between the two. So the cBox, Discord, and the forums have exclusive people you can't find in all 3 places. I think it's better to try and connect the three groups rather than force them all to stay on one platform. The cBox was ultimately an extension of the forums, so ideas there got moved and shuffled around, benefiting both Discord and the forums. I know at least two threads were inspired by cBox discussion.
  4. reddit is not a very good forum. I don't like reddit very much, but it has it's uses
  5. Yeah, which I didn't like for roughly the same reason
  6. At the very least, I hate Reddit. Everything about Reddit makes me angry. And now the tulpa sub Reddit isn't even color coded anymore, Reddit took that away!
  7. Unfortunately, some things are just best left private, especially if those in question don't want your help to resolve the situation. In addition, sometimes making something private public just makes it worse. I would think your best bet is just to check-in privately and ask if there's anything you can do. I don't think private bubbles are any more damaging than say the cBox, which was in fact public. However, I think these bubbles forming has partly to do with the format of the forums itself. Personally, the forum format isn't my favorite. It's easy for me to get overwhelmed by all of the content. However, Discord doesn't always do me justice when I have a textwall I need to write. And the same questions over and over again get old after some time. I have always preferred quieter circles, regardless of the format. If the forums get too busy, I get overwhelmed and I end up taking longer and/or more frequent breaks.
  8. I prefer to discuss this stuff in public where anyone could chime in or lurk, but if people are going to do it in PMs, I would rather be there than not. sometimes I will move the world, but sometimes I have to let the world move me. if I always tried to move the world, then how could I trust the world to let me move it? it's give and take
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  10. For the record, while I've always preferred public discussion to PMs, it was actually Mistgod and Melian getting into arguments/fights? in PMs and then posting that people on this forum suck out of nowhere that made me hate private discussions. You guys have just continued the trend is all. Drama-wise, I hate not being able to help sort things out, and also just one day seeing people have bad blood with each other for no apparent reason. In this case though, the forum is already inactive enough, and putting the only interesting discussion in a private group of PMs sounds like the best way to kill the forum to me
  11. Private conversations are not a taboo thing. PMs have their time and place for when they are both necessary and acceptable. I'm not against private if someone else requests it, and there are times people will refuse to share if the experience is too personal. I don't like the idea of hiding information from the public either, especially if it's productive tulpa discussion. However, I would rather have tulpa discussion be private than force people to discuss it publicly. I also believe private is sometimes a step towards being public, especially if it's just a matter of talking about it at all. I used to talk about my accidental partial integration with Cat privately before publicly disclosing it. @JGC Ah, I see. At this point though, I kind of wonder if it would be better if everyone pitched in to pay for the cBox. Us paying a fraction of the monthly cost is negotiable.
  12. Oops, Ranger this is a misunderstanding, I'm sorry. The PMs with you were always intended to be the three of us- I'm talking about something else. Basically asmask wants to talk, but not post publicly. Hence the PMs with you and him and me, and now other PMing. Ninja'd: Thanks :3p
  13. [Misha] That's great! I hope you all beat it this year! Considering the last few interactions my system has had with Reguile and Asmask I'm not surprised this is now a taboo subject. @JGC may your PM party be fruitful, take notes and we'll have fun with it on the forum publicly if you feel comfortable with that.
  14. That's not why I opted for the PM group in the first place. I don't mind speaking about parallel processing publicly, I did so because PMs were a medium everyone was comfortable with. I honestly thought it would just be the three of us, it came to me as a huge surprise you wanted to make a "private" group thing. I wasn't sure that making it a private not private group defeated the purpose...
  15. @PM group, I hate private conversations and would much rather discuss things publicly. Our internet was out for like 9 hours last night, that wasn't very cool
  16. I'll post what Gavin said when Reguile asked the same: "There are already quite a few threads. Several people have expressed to me their desires to talk, but in private. People are turned off in general from talking about it in public on the forum nowadays, things would get into loops and you could expect certain people to come and attack you point-blank and sort of break the conversation. The small-group format will hopefully allow for more productive conversation. Tis the nature of things." Reguile asked if it was related to Ranger's thread, and Gavin said "Yes. Asmask, who has a forum account, didn't want to post his response publicly, so us and him and Ranger started PMing, and now [we want] to make a bigger PM group."
  17. Oh we're good, kiddos are growing up (too fast), host is being unusually active so no sign of the usual depression dive this time of the year though it's still early, we've been spending a lot of time together and we've been super involved in her life lately so that's fun. Everyone's doing really really well.
  18. How are you lately? Why a PM group?
  19. I should. I do have some thoughts. I am tired right now though, so I'll wait and see if anyone else has anything that they want to say first
  20. Too bad we're nowhere near smart enough to be seriously discussing anything lol
  21. Bre you should post your thoughts re: the PM group Also if anyone would like to be added to the current small PM group about parallel processing I can add you.
  22. that's ok. nobody is immune to divergent oscillation
  23. Hi hi edit: ew I didn't wanna start a new page
  24. Uh, ok. I am confused. But anyways, hello!
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