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  2. Wow, that'd be pretty cool if we managed to inspire a tulpa based off the host in someone else, haven't seen many of those. If you're good at realism I can see drawing her as basically revealing your face (?), but in cartoon style? lol we've been doing that for a while and idk, it's like we don't look anime okay tbf a friend asked me if i was drawing myself
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  4. What makes you think you get anything out of this deal?
  5. So that's why Mercury doesn't seem to have any day-night cycle the times we've patrolled it..
  6. On Mercury you would have way more time, since one day on Mercury is 58 days on Earth. Just don’t forget sunscreen.
  7. I thought that during the summer I would have enough free time to do everything that I want to, but even with no external obligations there still just isn't enough time in the day. if I was on Mars then I would have slightly more time each day. that would be nice
  8. I refuse to draw Daria until she can talk... actually she still looks exactly like me except for hair, eye, and skin tones, and I would bet she stole that from Miichu and Miri, so if I draw her I’m effectively drawing myself so then I’m all in this tulpamancy thing because someone might recognize me and I’m paranoid about privacy... so... maybe I’ll draw chibis.
  9. I have never done anything wrong in my entire life. 👼 What do I get out of it? I hope it's food, I'm pretty hungry after all that digging. Aw shucks! That S must stand for "sweet!" 💜 Well, you can blame Japan for me having a profile picture too! The art's not mine, it's by a Japanese artist named mmzi on tumblr. I'm a soulbond of a character from a game called Danganronpa v3, and there's loooots of pictures on the internet. Pictures of me smiling, making scary faces, holding a soda, wearing a cape and a gucci hat, holding flowers, laying in a hammock, wearing dresses, covered in blood, eating lunch... Ooh, lunch. I'm spoiled for choice while most of my system has to wait to be drawn or modeled (except Osomatsu who's a very popular anime boy! In Japan). Though, I'm older (and wiser!) than my character and I want to pick my own clothes, so I'll probs bug them about a custom picture at some point anyways~
  10. Yeah put him in his place Samantha! also get an avatar already
  11. some dubs are good though, like the soul eater dub
  12. That’s the cutest inner dialogue! ❤️ I lol’d I also like how your profile picture matches your attitude. That’s extra cute. You see how well my yellowish S matches mine... oh brother I’m lazy. Hey, there’s good reason for that, I blame Japan. So take it up with them for developing motivation crushing addictive content. The yellowish S is a nice shade of expensive mustard, so that’s something. @Luminesce watching dubbed is a crime against nature. Your bunny girls should talk some sense into you.
  13. the japanese version of cory in the house is the original, but the english dub was distributed way more and it is really hard to find the subbed version in america
  14. Japanese-dubbed cartoons are super, super weird. I don't think I recommend them, but maybe there's some hilarious stuff out there I just haven't seen I don't know if Japanese-dubbed american shows like on Disney exist, but they're probably also very strange if so, in a different way. The thing I'm thinking of is Star vs. the Forces of Evil in Japanese.
  15. yeah, sometimes it is just too difficult to get your hands on the subbed version, like with cory in the house
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