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  2. [Jasper] I've been thinking about Tanaka's first question, but I don't really feel like answering it right now. A lot of the responses are kind of sad, and I don't know, I just think it's a huge bummer. So really, I feel like we don't really know each other too well. I'm trying to fix that by organizing random meet ups. We now have our own custom wheel decide wheel, so that's pretty neat. Anyway, that's all I want to say on that for now. I feel pretty on the fence about forum games. I like them, but I have gotten tired and a little overwhelmed after playing some for a few hours. Maybe they're not my thing or there's just a mood cursing us all right now. ...I'm allowed to answer questions my headmates posted from three months ago, right? Didn't think about this till now. I'm more excited about cookies than Cat's family pets, so right now I don't have much an opinion about animals. I like the thought of pet parrots that dance to music, those seem pretty cool. I think the short answer is parallel processing, the long answer is I don't really know because I don't think about this too much and parallel processing sounds cool. We need high action packed wonderland rendering so we can have PILLOW FIGHTS! ...Not something I really want to think about. I remember being scared about it when Ranger and Gray were trying to figure out we were tulpas, but I didn't really understand what was going on then. Right now I want to be around when I'm thought about, even if it is just to mess with Ranger or Gray. The idea of not being around is pretty alien after wanting to be around, being social, etc. I meant to post a thread about Gray's crowd control "powers", but Gray felt pretty weird about it and then Ranger and Gray got really busy, so I didn't post it yet. I may or may not post it later, but I don't want to do it right now. Maybe another time. I'm hoping Evergreen and Bune will make my life easier by helping me figure out which of the two of them should go next. If any of you guys want to vote for one or the other, feel free to chime in. I may as well delay it anyway because Gray and Ranger won't be able to give us time for a little while.
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  4. A fictive is an alter who resembles a fictional character, possibly believing they are that character but most of the time see themself as separate from the original character's lore. The other term that's similar is a factive, which is an alter that's based on another person irl. To the best of my knowledge, fictives and factives are specific to alters. An autonomous and sentient thoughtform who believes they are a specific fictional character are soulbonds where a tulpa with a fictional form but sees themself as a separate person from the character's lore is just a tulpa. I personally believe soulbonds are tulpas, but some soulbonds find it offensive to be called tulpas. I define walk-ins as underdeveloped tulpas that seem fully developed the instant they are created. Some of them are created on the spot, and sometimes they can spontaneously appear. Walk-ins appear this way because the host has already developed the skills to simulate a thoughtform's movement and voice, walk-ins can be easily parroted, and the walk-ins have some raw initial personality traits that make them seem autonomous. Over time as the walk-in develops, they will reject their parroted personality and replace it with their own personality. My definition is different from metaphysical definitions where a spirit, ghost, or past self "walks in" to your body and they are more like a soulbond. I'm not an expert on the metaphysical interpretation of walk-ins so that may not be correct, but the point is the above definition is a different interpretation developed through the lens of tulpamancers.
  5. I don't mind going back and forth via Private Messages, I may be a little slow to respond though. I would rather PM you my email. Feel free to create a Talk to Staff thread if you want your old account's password reset.
  6. [Celeste] Annoyingly, it never listens.
  7. [Celeste] I know I'm switched in now. [Snowy] And I know I'm a walk-in so I really shouldn't be fronting, but our brain's making me.
  8. Hello, Shannon and Anna! Welcome to the forum!
  9. [Snowy] Banned because our brain wants me to front when I don't want to.
  10. Hi I am Shannon. My Tulpa is a friendly baby blue dragon named Saffire Anna.
  11. What's more important is whether or not you entered this turn
  12. Banned because you're doing great! Keep going!
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