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  2. nothing better than sitting in a dark room, talking to the voices in your head
  3. But oh yeah, tulpamancy makes living alone a thousand times more bearable Never felt cozier than when I was in a dark, cold room after getting home from working fair stands all day, with all of my tulpas imposed around me Easily one of the biggest positives of tulpamancy, not feeling alone even when you physically are (Imposition is nice but not at all required for this effect)
  4. Especially when you're being possessed by one of your headmates
  5. But it's your space, y'know? You can vacuum and then do push-ups on the floor or whatever else (and, in your case, not be yelled at anymore) Plus, it's easy to keep track of your possessions
  6. I can do readings, and tarot. SheShe is really good at helping with that.
  7. by the e way it was like the smallest living space I've ever seen lol it seems depressing and lonely but it could be kind of cosy
  8. I can not remember if the apartment in looking at that I just had a your of yesterday had a window or not. I'm thinking it was just closed in. if so that sucks and is almost disqualifying but I desperately need out of here hope you can figure it out ice
  9. Erin Pavlina is actually fine for the spiritually/metaphysically-minded, I'd actually specifically recommend her stuff even. Just don't pay for psychic readings lol, though if you were ever going to, she's the one you should. I swear she's secretly hiding a psychology PhD, all of her writing seems perfectly sculpted to teach the types of vulnerable people into metaphysical stuff actually good beliefs and thought patterns Steve is just a fun-food-for-thought, and productivity, self-help guy. But he's pushed way harder into scam territory than Erin (they divorced like 12 years ago mind you), so I can't recommend browsing Steve's stuff willy-nilly
  10. Re: self help I just had SheShe help me, mostly. Though Ashley helped a lot too and of course Misha, Joy, and the rest. It's hard not to self improve with all this help honestly. They could have just replaced me too. [Joy] there's no challenge in that.
  11. I'm having back pain central Yeah you've recommended me that Steve pavlina stuff before also his wife
  12. Doing well! 😊 Phil and I are having some chili on this cool and rainy night. 😋
  13. Well I suppose that’s one way of putting it lol. I don’t think any tulpa police could have saved me… not that I needed saved. I guess I’ll just say that I’m well, I’m feeling better than the last time I was here. Things are better for me now. I have achieved goals I had, I’m not lonely at all anymore. Just enjoying life now, I got about everything I personally wanted and more. So I’m happy. There’s still ways our life can improve of course, we’re working on it, but things are a lot better for me now than they were last year.
  14. the few moments of time this post shall grant me...
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