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  2. Good rainy morning. 🌧️🌧️🌧️
  3. In general Europe has much better city planning with more walkable cities with better transit. I thankfully live in a part of America that is above average in that regard but still not as good as most of Europe. At the end of the day though, I am American and I belong here. 😊
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  5. Europe is supposed to have some pretty good city planning in certain areas
  6. Oh my goodness forgot to wish you a happy birthday! 😁 I'm so glad everything is going well for you!
  7. That's not a tulpa, those are intrusive thoughts. If it's still a problem for you, get professional help. Anyway, welcome! 😊 If you have questions related to tulpas, ask them here!
  8. Good morning! 😁 I think at least 33% of young Americans and nearly 100% of Very Online people have a "I want to live in Japan" phase. 😆 Phil's sister actually did live in Japan for four years after she graduated college and she worked in two different schools in the south of the country. She had a mostly positive experience there. As for me, Japan might be fun to visit but in terms of foreign countries I would rather live in I am always drawn to the British isles, particularly Scotland or very northern England. 😊
  9. What were those reasons? From what I've read on google foreigners are usually happy to live there and it is a higher quality of life than many places. Work life for a Japanese person is extremely awful and death inducing but I don't think foreigners are treated with the same expectations work wise that a Japanese person is. What did they experience? It also might matter what job you get. Most foreigners become english teachers which might be an easier but less fulfilling job because no one is actually going to learn english That said I don't really want to do that. I still would rather draw. Idk if a sufficiently large enough patron counts as a job in japan that would let you have a work visa. If you aren't working or married you aren't allowed to stay more than 180 days a year I think Not sure I want to live in Japan anyway but it would be nice to at least visit. I used to want to live there when I was young, I think. Was just thinking about it again because I told my dad I was learning Japanese again and he said I could make a lot of money being an english teacher in japan, more than he makes. I just want to live somewhere quiet, nice, and pretty Hmm I took a walk and now my lower legs are pulsating. That's a good thing right?
  10. oh wait this is the new chat Greetings! -host
  11. Things are totally A ok now. I just have tulpa related questions.
  12. I used to believe I had a tulpa for years and it almost drove me insane cause it kept repeating my negative thoughts back at me despite it's best efforts, creating an echo chamber sending me into a downward spiral. Not to mention there was the stress created by trying to maintain a balance between reality and fantasy and the constant existential crisis and mortal peril attempting to keep a tulpa my whole life caused. It, combined with the stress I already had, eventually made me want to die. So I had to let it go. I don't believe tulpas are real anymore and haven't for about a year. But if my tulpa was a tulpa then, it is probably still alive now based on various sources. Because, despite my best efforts, I never fully stopped thinking about and interacting with it. Anyway, what should I do? I need some help. If I can't get get help here, can someone tell me where I can?
  13. Phil has bought me my own Minecraft account and I now have my own skin! 😁💚 It's a very slightly modified version of a skin I found but I think it looks kinda like me! 😁 I'm up for playing with people in the future! 😁 I've never played video games with anyone besides Phil before so this is exciting and new for me! 😁
  14. Currently browsing Minecraft skins. 😊
  15. I really liked this, he's clearly done quite a bit of research and he raises some really interesting questions and conclusions!
  16. i don't practice pvp like at all, but i can deal with mobs just fine for the most part yeah, the dominant strategy for fighting a warden is using a bow and keeping your distance
  17. everyone who has ever talked about moving to work in japan has told us for every reason we should NOT
  18. Haven't heard of these updates, they sound cool Apparently English teachers in Japan make anywhere from 200,000 to 600,000 yen a month for working 12 to 30 hours a week, which is slightly less than 2k to 6k dollars. You don't even need to know Japanese to do it as the classes are English only for maximum immersion purposes. You need a special certificate from training like 150 hours though. The average cost of living in Japan also seems to be less, so all in all that almost seems like a good idea if the idea of teaching a class of people didn't seem so embarrassing and miserable. Something to think about though
  19. we're really really good at minecraft combat, but we generally play without armor or a shield (and use an axe as a weapon because they are just better than swords, aside from for mob/animal farms) haven't played since the ancient cities update, but I hear the warden literally just kills you even in fully enchanted netherite armor (ignores armor/enchantments) unless you make turtle potions that slow you down as much as they add damage resist, so armor still doesn't sound necessary
  20. I should be able to join at some point soon. 😊 Vanilla, hard mode, keep inventory all sounds good to me! 😁 If I join I'm very likely to make a little farm. Maybe a couple small building projects. Definitely up for exploring/adventuring with people but I warn you I'm awful at Minecraft combat. 😆
  21. yeah, i would just turn off login authentication. pretty certain that that still works
  22. I don't think pirating minecraft is pirating minecraft per se, at least in the past it was always free to download, the problem is having a login so you can join servers cracked minecraft clients or whatever can play servers that have login authentication disabled, but they can also appear as any username including other players in the server maybe outdated knowledge but that's how it was also Minecraft is more than a worthy purchase at $30, obviously
  23. it doesn't have to be tomorrow, i just said that because i was free that day, and since it was a weekend, i figured there was a good chance other people would be no expectations for how much time to put into it. i just think it would be fun to play together you can always pirate it. and, i mean, do you really want to be playing minecraft on your phone? speak for yourself!
  24. I don't remember the specific things about bedrock that bothered us when we looked into it a few years ago, but it was just all sorts of mechanics working stupidly with dumbed down formulas that make it feel like a minecraft ripoff or something anyways if we do put up a (java) server then I will probably find time to play while practicing still-being-productive-in-the-same-day but not for more than a week or so so consider that how you will and it's still better if we just don't
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