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A few things that help me:

1) Change the desktop of any computers/phones you use to something that reminds you of them.

2) Wear some accessory that reminds you of them, like a bracelet/necklace or something.

3) Put up decorations in your room or any place you're allowed to that will remind you of them.

The bottom line is, litter your environment with things that bring them to mind. If you're anything like me, no amount of attempted concentration will help without reminders of some kind, but with enough things reminding you, eventually it will become habit regardless of concentration difficulties.

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Guided hypnosis can keep you in the mindset, when i force i set up a timer that chimes every 5 minutes to remind me to stay on track.

Despite the name, the host bodybody is the one usually using this account. 

Spice was born in 2013 and Tomoe was born in 2014.

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Thanks for all the help so far :D I'm gonna certainly try a few of these. I hope they work

'Ello, I'm Sail! 

I'm Hallie...hi! (Hallie was "born" May 28th, 2017)  




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