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Alien sensations: HOW?

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Host's got a question for you. I can't answer him, maybe you can?




Head pressure, tingling, itching, dizziness, wooziness. Thank you very much Marianne :)


Sometimes I wonder, or rather worry, what's wrong with me? Do I have some illness, some nervous system disease?

It appears that it is 'normal'. And I must say, at some level they are enjoyable, especially if I consider the happy origin of these sensations.

But it still begs the question: what is it? What causes these so-called alien sensations?

It is claimed tulpas can't change your body, have physical effects, influence hormones and whatnot. Well then, how do you explain all of this?

Flooded by hormones, neuro-transmittors? If that's true then a tulpa does have a real physical effect. Where does it end? How far could this go?





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I personally take it as the mind being shocked at noticing the body doing something that it did not influence. It's similar to how you feel after someone fools you with a magic trick, except it is your body so you experience a small senses disconnect.

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If you want to be mundane and boring, most of the ones you listed are easily explained as responses to heavy stimulus, which create things such as pressure on the brain, sneezing, nosebleeds, tingles, euphoria, other stuff, but that is just a theory. We don't actually know what the tulpa does to the human to cause these effects. Things that are included under the umbrella of heavy stimulus include learning something new, sunlight, and cold weather.


It is claimed tulpas can't change your body or have physiological effects, but only by people who don't know about tulpas.


Have a poll.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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