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Should we try developing Chromesthesia?

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So, with Tulpas, we can train our brains to see our tulpas, both with imposition and visualization.


Do you think we could do the same with sounds?


I think we can, but I don't know how we would do it.


I am super interested in this for three reasons:


1. I am a rogue musician.  I am interested in anything music, no matter how insane.


2. Famous musicians like Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven (I can't remember which ones) have records that show that it is quite likely that they had Chromesthesia.  I am really struggling melodically and I have been for a long time, and I think this may be able to help me.




So, do you think this is possible, and how would be go about doing it?



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Well, auditory imposition is a thing. Some of the older tulpamancers, and people in the hypnosis community also work on all types of imposition outside of the concept of tulpas.



(neurology, psychology) sound-to-color synaesthesia


You can use a servitor to produce this effect. However, this is a pretty artificial method. I don't think it's possible to produce a real case of chromethesia, since that is caused by crosstalk between brain regions.

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I don't get it, are you trying to do auditory imposition (hallucinate hearing, generally your tulpa..), or give yourself chromesthesia? because the latter is a major neural-pathways-goin-the-wrong-places thing and you'll never be able to make yourself actually have it for real, you could try and simulate it but it'll never be as inspiring or whatever as for the people who really had it. Also I have no idea what that's like but it can't be as simple as "sound is pretty and you're good at music"...


Auditory imposition is just the same as normal imposition tho, practice hearing music in your head and imposing a source like a radio somewhere nearby or something? And/or just have your imposed tuppers try to talk to you while imposed "from where they're standing" rather than immediately inside your head

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