An interview for didyoureddit podcast

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I had a very nice chat with didyoureddit people in regards to their episode on /r/tulpas. They seemed very nice and chill; and created an overall very friendly atmosphere.


You can listen to the first part (the /r/tulpas review) here:


and to the interview here:

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I want more time to listen to these, but I wanted to post a quick warning: the music for the first minute or so is really loud, but it ends and then you can hear it.


Is there a written script for either of these recordings? I know they are podcasts, but sometimes I have trouble following dialogue and I like to read along as people speak.

Pretty much my main wonderland form minus the cat parts, that's a separate form. I'm not a hippo, I promise.

I sometimes speak in pink and Ranger sometimes speaks in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.


My other Tulpas have their own account now.

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