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Hey guys,

I'm Hireath, a ''new'' tulpamancer. I started a month ago with creating a tulpa, but I wasn't so motivated, and I really felt bad for being such a bad host. So I decided to give everything I can into her and write here our every-day-progresses of our forcing sessions so I won't forget.


So Day 1:

Well, my first tulpas name is Chiha, she's a girl with light brown hair and blue/green eyes and she is really lively. I'm still not able to hear her, sadly, but we will work on that!


Today I tried asking her to surprise me while we were in our wonderland. At first she just stood there and didn' t do much, but then, Well, I don't know how to explain this, but she kind of turned into... a puddle of ink? I couldn't hold myself back and started to laugh. :D But I'm still not sure if this was really her, or it was me unintentionally imaging her turning into ink...


Well, if someone read this, Thank you!


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If it felt unintentional on your part, assume it was her :). Doubt is your worst enemy in the creation process and if you feel it wasn't you, if you're questioning it or wondering, then chances are it was at least 50% her.

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Hello Hiraeth, Chiha. Doubt is normal, and though I have far more evidence than I will ever need that tulpamancy works and Reilyn is real (sometimes I think more "real" than me, heh), I still doubt myself. Even if I am 100% convinced in her, it's always been hard for me to believe in myself and that I am not somehow messing things up. She reminds me that she believes in me, which I think says a lot about our relationship.

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Hello there,

Thank you all for the kind massages!

I know that doubt is toxic and you should assume it was the tulpa, but I can't help myself to doubt sometimes, it's in my (or better: our) nature. Maybe we need it, maybe we want to constantly question, that what we are doing is really happening in this moment, so our belief only get's stronger.


But don't worry, I won't stop forcing! ?


Day 2:

Today I didn't forced much, but I think that I heard Chihas Voice! I was so excited!!

In the evening, before going to bed, i laid down, closed my eyes and played a colored noise(or voice?), the pink noise from Fede. After a little time, my body felt numb and I've really tried hard to concentrate hearing her on my right ear. I asked her some questions or encoureged her to say something, and at one time, it was like the noise was turning into a whisper, it was silent, but it was still a whisper.


I can't wait to try this again, I feel like we are so close!


I wish everyone of you a good night :)

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