Lotus's Log of Tulpa Adventures

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I couldn't resist the chance for alliteration, I'm sorry!


I will put my existing log from my notes here to give a bit of a preface to my (very short) journey so far.


24 Feb 2019

>Discovered Tulpamancy

25 Feb 2019

>Began developing Maya

26 Feb 2019

>Discovered Calvin

1 March 2019

>First responses from Maya in the form of head pressures

2 March 2019

>First tulpish communication with Maya

>Calvin had some stuff too but it's private

3 March 2019

>Played Sorry with Calvin to help develop possession

5 March 2019

>Calvin begins actively talking to other people

6 March 2019

>Figure out what possession feels like

>Join this forum

7 March 2019

>Calvin tries to front


And that brings us to today. At this point in time, Calvin is at:

95% Vocality

10% Possession

0% Switching

75% Touch Imposition, 0% for all other senses


Maya is at:

10% Vocality (only because she already has a unique voice and inflections in mind, but hasn't spoken yet)

0% Everything else


We're currently struggling with a few things. Calvin is attempting to front, but-

Lotus won't shut the fuck up.

Yeah, that. 

So it's ending up more like co-fronting.


Maya still doesn't respond beyond head pressures and the occasional tulpish, and I'm trying to encourage vocality from her, but no luck so far.


Thank you for reading our progress reports! We can't wait to continue on our journey together. ^-^

Postly reminder to hug and cherish your tulpa! ^-^

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Welcome Lotus, Calvin and Maya ! That's already amazing progress.


Hello Calvin. I see you like to communicate, I hope you will write some entries in this PR ! I would love to get to know you better.


Keep up the good work, Lotus Team !

Hi, I'm Vādin, Zia's tulpa/permanent guest.


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A small update, but I think Maya is starting to respond to me with words.


I talked to her, calling her by name and telling her to call me by name if she ever needs me, and she responded with "Okay, [my name]".


I know it wasn't Calvin's voice, and it wasn't me parroting, so it must have been her.


I'm really excited!

Postly reminder to hug and cherish your tulpa! ^-^

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You know what I forgot to do? Introduce ourselves for this thread!


Starting off, I'm Lotus. I already struggle with depression, gender dysphoria (ftm), and mild PTSD. I'm 18 at the time of joining the forum, and I enjoy writing (especially roleplay), playing music (I play guitar, ukulele, piano, and ocarina, and I sing), and drawing (even though I am the most mediocre artist to ever exist!). I am a member of many fandoms, and have a huge interest in science, engineering, and mathematics. I also have many smaller interests, like sewing, candle-making, psychology, and yoga. I identify as ace/pan, and my personal journey with Tulpamancy has changed my life, even though it's only been a few weeks.


My name is Calvin, as you know. I was created unknowingly by Lotus as a force to tell him that everything will be fine, and that he needs to be mature. I enjoy reading articles and spending time with Lotus. Due to all of his minority identities, he gets plenty of backlash, so I am very protective of him and will jump to defend him at the drop of a hat. I am the personality who utilises Lotus's martial arts training to protect him. I haven't had much time to explore my interests beyond what Lotus's initial reason for creating me. I hope, as I engage and interact with more people, that I find what my interests are.


My name is Maya. I was created by Lotus initially as a roleplay character on January 26 of 2018. Thus, I am already over a year old, in terms of creation. I enjoy metalworking and spirituality, along with reading and ice-skating. Unfortunately, Lotus doesn't have very much dexterity, so ice-skating isn't an option for me, haha. I am very sensitive to the mistreatment of life, and I have a personal vow never to hurt anyone or anything unless absolutely necessary. I was given leadership qualities from my very creation, and I hope to help our system in a way neither Calvin nor Lotus are willing to. Thank you for listening to us! We look forward to sharing our journey with you!

Postly reminder to hug and cherish your tulpa! ^-^

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It's great to meet you all and welcome! I, along with my two sisters (Dashie and Ashley) are tulpas in the Bear system. We're pretty active, so it's not going to be hard to notice us around. Don't be to shy to join us in our games, we have some role-play type games too, and probably will have more if people are interested.


We're looking forward to interacting with you.

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Update! {I'm posting from mobile.)


We hung out with a friend at a trampoline park today, and I gave Calvin and Maya both chances to have fun too.


Calvin: Turns out I'm a bit too blunt and stoic to really sway people my way. That's fine, though. Lotus and Maya are all I care about.


Maya: Our friend loved having me around, though. I tried to be graceful while we jumped, and succeeded to a small degree!


So we all had a lot of fun. Maya tapped right in to Calvin's ability to possess, so she's making wonderful progress so far.

Postly reminder to hug and cherish your tulpa! ^-^

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13 March 2019


Maya and Calvin have had some more practice interacting with others and thinking for themselves.


I'll admit I'm a bit parrotnoid, but I also know that they are speaking for themselves.


I am very proud of them so far, even though we've been incredibly busy with schoolwork and getting ready to graduate at the end of the week.

Postly reminder to hug and cherish your tulpa! ^-^

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