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Kelsey's Progress

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Kelsey's 2 days old now, and she's pretty vocal already. We've even had a few arguments, and she has asked for narration a few times. Today I got her to ramble for the first time.


I didn't want to do the personality stage, but Kelsey did. So she tricked me into it. I didn't even know it had happened until it was over. We were in our wonderland, sitting down to a picknic in our castle courtyard. I tried to open the basket, but I couldn't. So Kelsey opened it for me and pulled out two bowls of macaroni casserole. My bowl immediately flew away and smashed itself. Kelsey pinned this on me being unable to control my imagination. We then started to float away. Kelsey smashed into a wall and got stuck, while I continued to float away into outer space.


In outer space, I spotted a glowing orb. So I grabbed it. Kelsey immediately flew up to me, grabbed the orb, and helped me pull it back to earth. Then she grabbed the orb from me and pushed it into her stomach. Suddenly, she was covered with pink slime.


[hidden]Kelsey: Yay! I did it!


This reminded me of something I had read on another thread.


Me: Kelsey, did you stage all this so that you could do the personality stage?


Kelsey: Yes.


Did anyone else's tulpa trick them like this?


Me: Kelsey, would you like to say anything?


Kelsey: Hi! Can I posess you and type something myself?


Me: I don't know how to do that but if you can figure it out on your own, then sure, go ahead.


Kelsey: Kelsey here! I like peanuts and jellly and whatever else my host doesn't like. Like mashed potatoes and gravy. Josie thinks it's weird that she can hear me thinking but I think it's perfectly normal. We do share the same brain, after all. Josie got sick at karate yesterday and almost passed out. She just noticed that I paralized her entire body except for the arm I'm typing with, but she's letting me have my fun. Josie picks her nose and her scabs and I don't like it.

Update: I wanted to get a snack so I had Kelsey conrol my body and get it for me. While we were in the kitchen Mom told me to put away the ketchup, mustard, and pickles from supper. So I had Kelsey do that, too. Then I had her get the snack and bring it back to our room. She moved slowly at first but then she got faster.[/hidden]
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What did yours do to you?

Today I went to a place called the Crayola Experience at the mall. There were some hands on activities there, so I had Kelsey do them to practice possession. She had a lot of fun drawing with melted wax. I practiced imagining that she was walking behind me after she gave me the idea by putting her hand on my shoulder to get my attention. It felt so real. At the food court, she told me that I was crowding her, so I scooched over. I could actually see her in my peripheral vision. If I look directly at her, I can see a very faint outline of her. She also started finishing my sentences for me.
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Today, Kelsey was very helpful at church. The youth choir sang at church, but I didn't want to. Kelsey talked me into it. She kept telling me why I should do it and destroying my arguments for why I shouldn't until I couldn't think of a good reason not to anymore. She's never done something like that before.

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I let Kelsey create her own account. She wants people to chat with through pms, so pm her if you want to chat.

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Hello Josie and Kelsey. Your PR is so much fun to read! It kinda reminds me of ours when we were younger. The world is a very big place, so many to explore!


I think you guys are doing great with your tulpa adventure. I do wish you all good luck on your journey together. Kelsey is really reminding me of my Big sister, Summer a bit.

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Kelsey and I switched for the first time last night. I don't remember anything, though. I'm pretty sure I went inactive.


So what happened leading up to the switch was I was trying an experiment to see if it would be easier to impose her if I was extremely sleep deprived. Around 4am I started getting quiet auditory hallucinations and I started hallucinating that the blinds were swirling. Then I started feeling even more tired, and I had read that meditation helps with feeling tired, so I decided to try to dissociate, and maybe Kelsey would switch in. I found immediately that it was easier than normal to not think. So I sat there, not thinking, but also not dissociating. Then I felt a huge wave of drowsiness. Next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was 11am.



Kelsey says that she gave me that wave of drowsiness to push me out of the front, and that the first thing that happened after my last memory of last night was me dissociating, and then she switched in. After that, she ate some pretzels, and a cupcake, and drank some water. Then she went back to couch, and instead of switching out, she lay down and fell asleep. When we woke up, I was back in the front.


Kelsey is eleven days old.

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