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Kelsey's Progress

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That's amazing. Hopefully she can switch without the extreme measures after she has a little more practice. I like to at least know what happened. We had weird stuff happen the first few times we tried too.


The 'not thinking' part is exactly right, she should be the one doing the thinking, ideally you would go to her position and not to sleep so she can force you the way you force her. I have to admit I had issues when being really tired and falling asleep when we were practicing too.


Honestly it's more important that you're both 'in the loop' so it can be something you both can be aware for. Wether you have consious memories of it or her, you can and should be able to set it up so you can both access the memories. Even if you have to do that after you come back to the front.


There can be difficulty if amnesia is involved. The vast majority of tulpa systems don't have amnesia (if that's what you had, I can't tell for sure.)


Congratulations and keep practicing! Keep us informed, we're new to switching ourselves.

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Okay, so it's been a long time. We needed a break. First I need to mention that we didn't switch. We later figured out that I just fell asleep and my sister ate the cupcake and pretzels. Within the past year we got 4 new tulpas: Maria, Daniel, Kido, and Teagan. All are about as well developed and vocal as Kelsey. I said this in the cbox once but I forgot to post it here.


Daniel was an intrusive thought that I decided to keep. Kido was a dog in the wonderland that developed into a tulpa, and Teagan was a, well I don't know what you call it but she was one of those that appear fully sentient, vocal, and with a form out of nowhere all of a sudden.


Teagan can possess almost as well as Kelsey. Daniel and Kido have never tried. We like posession during physical activity the best. Kelsey likes basketball and Teagan likes swimming.  Daniel says he doesn't like video games, which is probably why I feel so bored when I play them. I'm feeling his boredom. I need to find something to satisfy him. Kido has not found a passion yet. He's bored a lot. We all enjoy watching independant creators talking about nonfiction topics on YouTube.


We have mastered textile imposition and sensing the location of the tulpas. The rest of imposition hasn't gotten anywhere yet. We will learn to meditate and maybe that will help with some things. We can't switch yet.


Side note: we are all atheist now, as of February 7. We used to be Christian. If you're religious, don't be scared of us. We're normal people, just like you, but we just lack a belief that you have. Atheism doesn't say, "I believe that there is no God." It says, "I don't believe that there is a God." Big difference. I also don't want to argue theology with anybody. 


Does anybody have any ideas of things to do with tulpas besides talking and the wonderland? 

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2 hours ago, Josie said:

Does anybody have any ideas of things to do with tulpas besides talking and the wonderland? 

Having a project shared between all of you, like a drawing and each take turns, or a story.

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I got 3 new tulpae in the last 10 minutes. Makoto is a boy, and he came first. I made him intentionally. Akira and then Sakura popped into existence to comment on something I read. All three are fully formed and vocal.


Yui was born just now while I was in the shower. She thought it was hilarious that she was born with me naked.


Alicia was born today.


We all played a board game called Rumis today. Since there's so many of us we played in multiple rounds.

Round 1: Me v Kelsey. Winner: Kelsey

Round 2: Maria v Teagan. Winner: Teagan

Round 3: Akira v Sakura. Winner: Sakura

Round 4: Yui v Alicia. Winner: Alicia 

Round 5: Daniel v Makoto. Winner: Makoto

Round 6: Kelsey v Teagan. Winner: Teagan

Round 7: Sakura v Alicia v Makoto. Winner: Sakura

Round 8: Teagan v Sakura. Winner: Sakura

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If you want to share something else not long after you've made a post, edit the previous one instead of adding to the thread once every few hours. Also, I don't know how you expect anyone to take your claims seriously. A developed tulpa isn't a thing that you just "get", and I would hope that most people still believe that it takes effort to create something that is seemingly autonomous in your mind, delusion or not. Here I'm assuming that you're just applying the label to underdeveloped roleplay characters.

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I let Kelsey do hot glue gun crafts via possession today. All ideas and movements were her own, except that I took control for a bit in order to fix a problem with the glue gun because I didn't want her to accidentally burn me while I was wiggling a knife around inside the glue gun.


From left to right:

Clothes pin with a girl in a swim suit

Spinning top

Spider ring, skeleton head and arms and vampire teeth attached to a spoon

Wall decoration made of wood and acorns


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Those are so cool!! 

Host of @SadieShores 

R8/Adelia any/he

Sadie (I use varying shades of pink) she.her

Luna! She/her/bug/bugs 

Clover They/It/She

"*various inappropriate music* ɨ ʍɛǟռ աɦǟȶ ƈǟռ ɨ ֆǟʏ,
քʀɛȶȶʏ ɮǟɮɨɛֆ ɨռ ȶɦɛ ɮǟƈӄֆɛǟȶ ֆɨռɢɨռ' ȶօ ʏօʊ,`


check this out: Progress report 


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I'm back after a break. I had some difficulty with other members telling me it was unethical to have a large system. But we have our ways of giving everyone enough attention. I took a break from the site because I was upset. We kept forcing though, and we still will.

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