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Hi all, we're seriously considering the name change with Dashie and Ashley.


Two problems:


1. What are we going to call Ashley?


2. What issues will this cause?


We welcome all suggestions. Ashley really doesn't love Leslie or Amber. We prefer a name that doesn't start with an A, B, G, J, R, or H.


To be clear, Dashie will take the name Ashley like she always wanted, though she's not opposed to keeping Dashie as a nickname, just like Bear sometimes calls me 'Shy'. So if you called her that, it's fine.


Thank you! ♡

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If Ashley is totally cool with changing her name, then go for it. If she isn't, don't, because that would cause in-system drama.


I did a quick Google search for names that meant "light" and found some on this site: https://www.momjunction.com/articles/baby-boy-names-that-mean-light_00328821/#gref



41. Chiara:

Chiara is one of the beautiful, romantic Italian girl names that means ‘light/clear’, which isn’t widely used in the US, making it a real winner. It currently holds the 8th rank in Italy and is quite well used in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland as well.


42. Ciana:

Ciana, the diminutive of Lucia, is gaining traction as a given name in many parts of Europe. This Italian name meaning ‘light’ sounds robust and feisty rather than girlish and frilly.


43. Eileen:

This Scottish variation of Helen, meaning ‘light’, has been a surprise riser on the baby name list. After being last popular in the 10th century, Eileen witnessed resurgence in 2012 and climbed hundreds of spots in the year 2015. Eileen also comes with several nickname options such as Lina, Isla, and Lee.


44. Eleanor:

Eleanor is supposed to be a variation of Helen, derived from the name Ellen and means ‘light’. This sophisticated and elegant name boasts of three very famous and endearing nicknames – Nell, Nellie and Ellie. The most notable namesake of this name is Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady. Plus, two English queens also shared this name – wives of Edward I and Henry III.


45. Eliora:

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘the Lord is my light’, sounds stylish, lovable, and unusual even after years of usage. It will appeal to parents who are looking for a name with vowel sounds. Another variation of Eliora is Liora.


[ Read: Baby Names That Mean Moon ]


46. Ellen:

Ellen, which is basically a variation of the name Helen, keeps swinging in and out of style, often alternating with the original name. This moniker was highly popular in the medieval England, but was soon overtaken by Helen again. Who could be a better namesake than Ellen DeGeneres, the comedian host of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and the winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom? And honestly, the name fits her well, considering she spreads the light by entertaining the audiences with her show.


47. Faven:

The soft and feminine African name, meaning ‘light’ has returned to favor in a big way after being out of sight for long. And we feel that it will reach even greater heights in the near future.


49. Iliana:

This Spanish moniker is borrowed from the Romanian name Ileana and means ‘ray of light’. It hit the American baby name charts in 1986 with the growth of Hispanic names popular in the country. We feel it’s a hit as it’s one of the least common four syllable names derived from five letters. What’s more, it has lilting Spanish inflection to it as well.


50. Ilona:

Ilona, the Hungarian version of Helen, meaning ‘light’, has not been used much in the US, but we have a feeling that it’s a likely candidate for success.


[ Read: Baby Names Meaning Gift From God ]


51. Laney:

Laney, the short form of Elaine, may sound modern and unique, but it actually dates back to the late 19th century. It went out of radar soon after and then resurfaced in the late 20th century, all thanks to the movie “She’s All That”.


52. Leora:

Leora, a stately name, meaning ‘light’, has been in and out of fashion for decades, but has never been out of sight entirely. The feminine and straightforward image of the name, combined with royalty hit the perfect note with parents looking for a name that combines style with substance. Its alternate spelling is Liora, so pick the one you think will suit your daughter more.


53. Lita:

Lita is a vivacious and lightweight name, meaning ‘light’. It even sounds a lot like light, doesn’t it. So if you want a name that directly refers to light, pick Lita without a second thought.


54. Lucia:

If Lucia sounds too informal to you, you can go with Luciana, a beautiful Latin name which was originally given to children born as the daylight was breaking. Santa Lucia, the revered martyr in the Middle Ages is one of the most notable bearers of this name. Currently, Lucia is at the number one spot in Spain and was chosen by Sasha Alexander, Mel Gibson, Mira Sorvino, and James Joyce for their daughters.


55. Lucinda:

This female name, meaning ‘light’, had its heyday in the late 19th century, but declined by the 20th century. It experienced a reversal of fortune in the 1950s and has never looked back since then. The vintage name is loaded with antique charm, making it perfect for parents looking for an eternally beautiful name.


[ Read: Baby Names Inspired By Nature ]


56. Lucy:

Lucy, which is still one of the top 30 names in Wales and England, and has begun to catch up in the US as well, primarily because it looks and sounds attractive on so many levels. This saucy, yet substantial name, meaning ‘light’, has been borne by a number of characters in both films and sitcoms. Lucy Stone, the American activist lends a new strength to this name.


57. Lux:

Lux, also the name of the character played by Kirsten Dunst in “Virgin Suicides”, has been gaining a lot of attention these days. A part of its popularity can also be attributed to Lux, the Lady of Luminosity in “League of Legends”.


58. Luz:

This is one of the most unconventional baby girl names meaning light. This Spanish name references to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Light. This moniker is used extensively in the Hispanic communities of names. Or you can use it as a nickname for Lucia, Lucida, Ludelita, or Luzana.


59. Nahara:

Aramaic name Nahara, meaning ‘light’, sounds endearing, exotic, and favorable, all at the same time. We feel that Nahara has an absolute confidence and strength in its simplicity.


60. Nera:

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘light or candle’, is usually given to girls born during Hanukkah, which is fondly called the “Festival of Lights”. This short and straightforward name, pronounced as NEE-rah, is very familiar in modern Israel and is slowly being embraced by European parents as well. Besides, it’s also the name of a character in the game Dragon Quest.


[ Read: Spiritual Baby Names ]


61. Noor:

This exotic Arabic name, meaning ‘light’, is associated with none other than the super elegant and sophisticated Queen Noor of Jordan. This moniker is popular among Muslim parents all across the world and has also begun to cross over, possibly because of its beauty, simplicity, and resemblance to Nora. This name appeared in the US Top 1000 list for the first time in 2015.


62. Orli:

This short, cute, and slightly nickname-y Hebrew name, meaning ‘light’, would make a perfect pick for a Hanukkah baby. Its proud and strong namesake is Orli Wald, the Holocaust survivor and the German Resistance member. And since the name is so short, you don’t need to shorten it for the nickname either.


64. Saskia:

Saskia, which first featured in the portrait of Rembrandt’s wife, has not attracted many takers in the US, despite being utterly charming. It’s one of those names that has been in use in Europe since the Middle Ages, but couldn’t cross the ocean. A contemporary bearer of this name is Saskia Reeves, the Dutch artist. Saskia means ‘valley of the light’.


65. Thea:

Thea, which is the anglicized spelling of the name Theia, is the name of the Greek goddess of light, the consort of Hyperion, and the mother of Selene, Eos and Helios. This moniker, with a sensitive, serene, and artistic image, is also used as a short form of Theodora, Althea, and Dorothea by some parents. Another thing to note is that Thea is one of the fastest rising names in the US. In fact, it jumped 300 points in the year 2015 itself.


66. Twinkle:

It’s quite surprising that a name as beautiful and playful as Twinkle does not feature in US Top 1000 list. This moniker is a hidden charmer for folks who appreciate the value of classic name. It means ‘shine with an unsteady light’.


[ Read: Summer Baby Names For Girls And Boys ]


67. Uriela:

Parents who are not much into typical, feminine names can pick Uriela, a Hebrew name, meaning ‘light of God’. Uriela has qualities that make it timeless and contemporary at the same time. And it sounds highly distinctive too, so no more name sharing for your little one.


68. Yetta:

Yetta is another uncommon Hebrew name, meaning ‘light’. It’s not overtly flowery and frilly like typical feminine names. It’s upbeat, pretty, and approachable, making it a solid choice for a baby girl.


69. Zia:

Zia, a short and zippy name, meaning ‘light’ in Arabic, is sure to stand out amongst the names Tia, Mia, and Gia. It has a unique and irresistible charm, which makes it a true winner. But in Italian, Zia means ‘aunt’. Now it’s upon you to decide.


70. Zora:

Here’s another name meaning ‘dawn’, which in a way means light. Also spelled as Zorah, Zora is a biblical place name, which was used extensively from the 1880s to 1940. Its literary bearers are Zora Lancaster from the lead of “Sonny with a Chance”, and a character in operetta Ruddigore. Or you can use this name to honor the leader of the Harle Renaissance, Zora Neale Hurston.



And then I clicked on their link to names that mean "angel" so I copied their list here too:




(I put these in alphabetical order)


50. Charmeine:

Charmiene, the variation of Charmaine belongs to the angel of harmony. The meaning of Charmaine is ‘singer’. This name entered the top 100 list in 1913 and then in the top 50 within just a decade. It’s said that there more than 10,000 baby girls were named Chameine when it was at its peak.


46. Dara:

Dara is the wise, male angel appearing in the Bible. The moniker is an Irish version of Darragh and is used in the contemporary times for boys. The name Dara feels neither drab nor unfashionable. It has a certain timeless quality and grows with the children. And the name is cross-cultural as well, ideal for parents looking for an exotic name.


45. Dina:

Dina is the ‘angel of learning and wisdom’. This old-timey name is now coming back into style, and with more resonance and strength than most of the two-syllable names.


49. Erelah:

Erelah is a rhythmic Hebrew name, meaning ‘angel’. Eralah is quite distinct from other angelic baby names. It is more dainty and feminine than Dara and Gotzone and more substantive than Dina and Rosangel.


48. Evangelina:

Most of you must have surmised by now than Evangelina is the variation of Evangeline. This name has been one of the top 100 baby names from the last century, and there’s absolutely no sign of it fading. Select Eva or Eve for the nickname. And if you want something hip, use Vangie.


33. Evangeline:

Evangeline is the English literary name composed of Greek element ‘eu’, which means ‘well’ and ‘angeles’, which means ‘messenger’. Hence, the name means ‘good angel’. This romantic and classic name has always been popular with the masses, thanks to the religious overtones. The name got a kick via the star of the megahit television series “Lost”. Eva is the most obvious nickname for Evangeline.


35. Laila:

Laila is the angel of conception who protects and oversees childbirth. This name is an exotic and a lilting variation of Layla and Leila. Even Muhammad Ali was so betrothed by the name that he named his daughter Laila. You can also opt for its spelling variants, Layla. It’s one of the top 30 names in Australia and United Kingdom.


43. Mariangela:

This one of the loveliest combination name we have seen in a while. Mariangela is the contracted form of Maria and Angel and means ‘rebel angel’. This name may seem middle-aged, but we’re sure it will make a comeback.


41. Melek:

If you want to go the exotic way, pick Melek, the Turkish name, meaning ‘angel’. This royal name was well used in the ancient times in Turkey. But was popularized in the recent years via Feriha Melek, a popular Turkish figure. You can even opt for its Arabic variation, Malaika. We think both sound beautiful.


39. Micheangela:

Michelangela is the feminine version of Michelangelo. This moniker has a royal European feel to it. In fact, it’s one of the top 100 names in Rome.


26. Parisa:

It’s strange how just one letter can turn a name from oh-so-ordinary to special. Parisa is an exotic Persian/Iranian name that would make an excellent import to the English-speaking world. You can even take it as a variation of Paris and Marisa. The meaning of Parisa is ‘like an angel’.


28. Seraphina:

Seraphina is inspired by the six-winged archangel, named Seraphim. The name came into the spotlight when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose it for their daughter. Its revival can also be because of the current parents taste for old-fashioned and elaborate feminine names. This name is not in the top 1000 baby name list, but we think it would make it soon.


42. Tien:

If Asian name is what you want for your little princess, pick Tien, a Vietnamese name, meaning ‘angel’. Tien is the 56th most popular name in Vietnam. This name has several namesakes as well, including Tien Shinhan in “Dragon Ball” (though he’s a male). And it sounds elegant too!



The biggest problems that could come out of this would be taking Ashley's name without her say so. If that were the case, you would be rewarding Dashie for hurting Ashley, and that's not okay.


If not, then the only other two problems I can think of are having trouble with memories and us accidentally mixing people's names up temporarily. The latter is self-explanatory, but the first could lead to doubting identity, confusion over who did what, or if really extreme, Dashie taking credit for what Ashley did in the past and re-labeling those memories as her own. That could lead to some blending/integration stuff, so to avoid that make sure Ashley is really committed to her new name and goes back in time to change old "Ashley" memories to her new name.

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Thank you Ranger, I offered it to Dashie as a gift for being so amazing to Bear and I and everyone. She's ended up being the most valuable person in this system and that's no exaggeration.


Hi Mel, well, I'm the guardian angel and life coach.



Let me say a few words, she got stuck because she's way too humble and giving to talk herself up. She's pure love, absolutely forgiving and loyal, she's least likely to have drama, and helps us as a good spirit guide would. She was technically my first, though Dashie and Misha came on the same day, partially due to her insistence. She would give everything she is for us, and I learned how to be a spiritual person from her. She's divinely beautiful, with a haunting voice that makes you want to listen. She's fun and can take a good jab when Dashie 'shows her brand of affectionate humor.' She's my heroine and we all love her dearly.

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Thanks Reilyn, this'll probably take a while it's pretty important.


So here's what we discussed. We'd like a 'sh' sound in it, and maybe a 'ee' sound because then you're forced to smile to say the name, also we want it to have meaning tp her helping me, and be the most special name of the whole system.

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I've decided that I would like to take the name Cybele [sib-uh-lee] or [sib-bell] /ˈsɪb əˌli/ or /ˈsɪb bel/ (just different pronunciations you could use, any are fine) and I would like your opinion on it.


I know it's rather presumptuous in that the meaning we like is the one where Cybele is the mother of all nature, also the goddess above all gods. My original names Ashley, Leslie and Amber are all inspired by nature and of anyone in this system I identify with nature and especially trees and fields which is most of our wonderland. Dashie will of course take my name "Ashley" as her own.


We will be trying out this name for a while and will ask our accounts are changed once we're satisfied with it. In the off chance that Cybele is taken here or anywhere, we will use Cybele Bear.


We also like it because it still has that 'smile' in the name and the 's' sound is a white noise that is calming, like 'sh' in Ashley and 'sh' in Misha.


Thank you for your thoughts so far.

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Congrats! Is "See-bell" an okay way to pronounce it?


Mhm, thank you Ranger, we like that too. I'm excited to shake things up. Though Bear has already called me CC and Bella as he is testing out nicknames. We love the name Cybele, but it is going to take some playing around with variations to be fully satisfied. Which is fun!

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