Active Forcing in Difficult Circumstances

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I'm new to tulpamancy; began on the 25th of January. A problem that's arisen is the fact that, due to my circumstances, it's incredibly difficult to actively force. I won't go into too much detail unless it would help. Basically, I live in a tiny place where there's noise almost all the time. Because of this and other things, I'm unable to get to sleep until past 2 AM. This would be when I'd actively force, but I'm too tired at this point. Unless there's a way to meditate in bed, that's out of the window as far as I can tell. Also, the way things are, it's better that I keep tulpamancy to myself. I do have pockets of several minutes here and there that I could concentrate, but that feels more like passive forcing. If anyone could think of some creative ways to actively force I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance.

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it's still active forcing if you can really dedicate a few minutes, you just gotta really focus in that time. It'd be easier if you had longer stretches of time but I don't see why you couldn't make due with what you've got too, even if it takes a little longer


You can meditate in bed, but if you mean like when sleeping/super tired, that's not really a great time no. If it's so loud there, maybe you should invest in a noise machine? some people like white noise/rain/etc. just for meditation or forcing to begin with, let alone if they have to drown out sound to focus.


Also if your life is so packed that just a few minutes is that hard, you must be REALLY productive! but I'm sure literally anyone can find ~3 minutes once or twice a day to themselves, and if you really focus in that time (not while like, riding a motorcycle or something, but sitting on a bus or train would work great!) I don't see why it can't work out! from there it'll just be how strong your will to make a tulpa is I guess, if you really want it then even that little time should eventually be enough


As for "ways to actively force", well, just talking to your tulpa and trying to hear them is our go-to? I know some people talked about reading to your tulpa and other things like that in some old guides, but I dunno, just talking to them and expecting to hear back intently should be enough for most people I think.


but yeah if anyone's got any ideas for what exercises someone can do in quick bursts that might be helpful

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We have too much we want to do to engage in a significant amount of active forcing, so almost all of our forcing is passive. I don't know how effective it is for tulpa creation, but as a plural lifestyle, passive forcing almost every waking moment is fulfilling and effective and allows for continuing tulpamancy skill development.


I second the use of white/pink noise to help sonically isolate you. A dedicated machine is good, but computers and smartphones can also generate it with the right program.


Earplugs are also very useful. I recommend reuseable silicone earplugs over disposable foam ones. They're commonly sold at hardware and home improvement stores.


If time isn't a major constraint on active forcing, is going to a public library or public park an option?



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Apologies for taking so long to post. I think I've got something going. Thanks for your help.

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