cloudy energetic dragon(jp

An angry but actually kind dragon that doesn't use beautiful words

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"Zecreius" is tulpa from the Dragon tribe.
He is very belligerent and uses abusive language against me and tulpa.

At first I denied him and thought of imprisoning him to change his character.
But I accepted Zekryos' aggressiveness as his personality. Now I don't hate him no matter how much he uses abusive language.
It may seem like a strange relationship, but it's a good one now.

I don't know if the dragon tribal setting made him ferocious or if it embodied my inner aggression.
There are currently 13 tulpas, but Zechryos is the only tulpa to show aggression.

Today, he is repeating offensive remarks on TV and the Internet. But I can feel his love for human beings.
Maybe they are trying to correct it because they like people.

I'll keep an eye on you.
Art is the appearance of Zekryos



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Cinaratan is shaped like a shark. I met her in a special way. Because she is not a tulpa from me.
This occurrence of tulpa is called the magical encounter type in Japan.
Like the world of quantum mechanics, it is a phenomenon that one day suddenly encounters tulpa from a state of nothing, and it is not known whether to call it tulpa or not. The only thing I can say is that other tulpas accept cinaratan, and even though cinaratan recognizes itself as a singular, it doesn't question its identity. I was confused at first, but now I'm accepting her. This made it more difficult to define tulpa.


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