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I think it's a well known glitch at this point, I swear there was a thread talking about it but I couldn't find it. I didn't feel like making a thread about this because it wasn't too problematic and it didn't bother me until now.

When my browser window is still running and it's been hours since someone posted (and even this isn't always the case), new posts in the thread get laggy. Sometimes they don't show up at all and there's no notification they showed up, sometimes there's a notification that pops up once you check out the page saying you missed a bunch of posts, and sometimes new posts do show up, but they appear in the wrong order and scramble the post numbers. You have to refresh the page to get the correct numbers and order.

I forgot about this when I saw Sierra's post in the First One to Reach 1,000 posts wins forum game thread. Unlike LOTPW, double posting is against the rules of the original game. I had left my computer on overnight and when I checked the page, it looked like Sierra posted right after her post. I thought not much of it I went ahead and merged the posts. The problem is it wasn't a real double post, it's impossible for her to have quoted me before I posted, and I know it was a real post because I merged the two posts in the first place.

I worry that in an on-topic thread with lots of replies coming in quickly or occasionally, there's a risk I could mistake two legitimate posts as double posts and then merge them, breaking the conversation flow.

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