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Post-Development Activities

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What are your favorite post-development activities with your headmates? Tell me and I'll compile them into a guide for tulpamancers who have passed the developmental stage but aren't quite sure what to do next.


Please note that you have the choice to remain anonymous or be credited, and I have the choice to reject your answers if I don't think they fit.


Submit your answers here;



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What's a headmate? When are you past the development stage? 😕 Kind of vague survey. I think you should define things first. That'd help! Maybe you just want hosts and tulpas to talk about what they spend time doing together?

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Someone is always going to be offended, so why not have some fun?

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6 hours ago, Piņki said:

What's a headmate? When are you past the development stage?


I don't know if my system was the first to use 'headmates' but it's just any thoughtforms in your head developed or not, but significant. It's debatable if I have any tulpas, or if I'm even the original. (Probably).


I'll let you know when we're past development stage, my headmates joined me full time in April 2018. 

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[Sunny] I think for us it is mostly trolling each other xD  Or just having a nice chat. Or discussing something "important", usually before sleep. It doesn't matter what we are doing physically at that moment or who of us is doing it.

So I guess it's mostly "Living life together", the outside world is often more interesting and more important than whatever you could do inside your head.

𝝮mega system: [Jay] (evgenirus, Evg), host; [Sunny] (rarely Alice), older tulpa; [Pinkie] (Ponka, Diane), younger walk-in tulpa.

Our progress report thread. // Prior to May 2019 we used colored text here (Sunny, Pinkie, Jay), but it messes with themes.


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We do the talkie-talk thing. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ Usually just something mellow or whatever strikes our fancy. Games, sleep, shows, junk food. *noncommittal vague shrugging noises*

Darron: Host

Jaina: Tulpa



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We usually are just spending time together. Mostly video games lately, but we also like to take a walk together and discuss whatever comes into our mind, while observing the surroundings. It is also a great pleasure to listen to our favorite music. And last, but not least is watching anime, common cartoons and movies together.

I am M the host. I live with Alice. She writes in red.

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