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My gender vs. My tulpa('s) gender('s)

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Is it uncommon for most of the headmates to be male/male passing/masculine? Even though the body is AFAB? We're asking because we have few female/female passing/feminine tulpae. 

Toby - Host - They/Xe/He ( Non-binary / Rosboy ) - 14

Hex - In Development / Tulpae - They/He ( Non-binary / Demiboy / Genderfaun ) - 15 


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Well, In my respective opinion, Gender, regarding mannerisms, tone, and Identification is completely a concept we tend to associate certain behaviors to be true. On a spiritual level, much as headmates are, It's malleable for a reason, being that when not constrained by our dense reality, they have the ability to become one with the core concepts of reality, thought. So, all in all, if you're looking for what's considered "normal" or uncommon from your fellow systems here, There might be a (possible) underlying issue is, speaking from experience. It does vary from gender to gender on the average ratio of opposing gender identities, usually the opposite. Despite that, I'd like to suggest that you could look at it from a certain perspective such as one of indifference! If it helps with the possible dysphoria you may feel, think of your own mind as a computer. The consciousness in question is the software, being able to be downloaded on any sort of hardware to be viewed on, or can stand alone on it's own. Then the body, Is hardware, the exterior, a gateway to interact in a certain part of the universe. Are you still alive? Nice! Now, do the same with the masculine friends here! Although, the software doesn't seem to "match" or "identify" with the body and has a completely unique design on it's own, it's still able to work on the hardware. They're two different components, but they don't necessarily define one another! I hope this helped!

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Unless there was a lot of conscious mental effort to construct and effect a certain outcome then things just tend to precipitate out however they please based upon your subconscious environment. Lots of factors including biases, preferences, hopes, fears, admired qualities, prejudices, creativity, mental/emotional state, experience/history, upbringing, hormones, medication and whether it was cloudy that day or not.

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Depends. Way back in the old days at least, most tulpas were female. Male hosts usually had female tulpas; for female hosts, it was more balanced. No idea if this trend still holds in the current tulpa community; I'm not very active these days.


In my case? AFAB/agender host who created their tulpas back when they were still an egg. Mostly female tulpas, a few male. (I had a lot.) At least one of my tulpas began experimenting with their gender before I even began questioning mine, and another did either before or during my questioning phase. Both of them ended up identifying as nonbinary. (Nowadays I suspect this was me sublimating while I was Still 100% Cis(TM).)


But no, it's not uncommon for female hosts to prefer male tulpas. I have no idea what the statistics on nonbinary hosts (or tulpas) are, though.

I come out of hibernation once in a blue moon.


They/them pronouns, please. (I've been using this display name since 2012 and people won't recognize me if I change it.)

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