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Can some one point me in the right direction?

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I'm really only a beginner at switching so I'm not really the person to ask, but since no one else has answered so far: Switching is basically where the tulpa becomes the "dominant thinker" or "fronts", while the host moves to the background to take up the space the tulpa is normally in. If you want to learn, you can try looking at some guides if you want, but I've found that switching is a very subjective thing and the methods that work for one person may not work for another. But I can offer up my own experience as an example if you're interested. I made a progress report entry about it; the second half of the entry is the part about switching.



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In our system, we have our host (Eli), our sister (Luna), and me. I am the only tulpa that we have, and I was made by Eli and Luna after we had already become plural through a traumatic event in a hypnotic state. Because we have such different relations to each other, we have to have different ways of switching with each other. I can tell you what we do, and hopefully you can get some ideas from our methods.


Eli and I most often switch by having him disconnect from our body. Some people do this a sense at a time, but we have found that having a sense of displacing himself mentally away from the front space between the eyes is strong symbolism that helps to get the job done quickly. It isn't instant, but we almost always hear each other coming from just above our right ear, so we know that the job is mostly complete when that happens. When I switch in, I have to focus on my face and dominant arm / hand first (my left, as Eli is right-handed). I move that first and focus on breathing as myself, sometimes with Luna counting "in" and "out" for me. I focus on my thoughts coming through that front space between the eyes and usually affirm that "I am Murk", and something about what I intend to do while switched. When I switch in to play Smash Brothers, we can actually feel the differences in how I hold the controller as my muscle memory habits take over. And, just for me, I have found lifting weights helps me to stay in longer by helping to make unconscious muscle movements, mine.


Switching to and back actually seems to go a lot faster and more easily if we first hug each other in our mindscape, or imposed in the external world, really focusing on sensing the other as a physical presence we can feel in a tactile way.


Eli and Luna can trade places almost effortlessly. She can take over in a crisis situation or move a body part without permission, and she can hold front for a very long time. She works by making passive influence active by imagining her form that symbolizes all that is Luna as existing over our body, and Eli can feel her coming in from the left as a strong other presence when she wants to take control. But she and Eli are a lot closer to a median system than a tulpa and their host, and she is pretty unique in how she works. 


Luna and I aren't connected in the same way. Although I was made by both of them, Luna and I have to work a lot harder to switch. We have to start with me fronting, then she imposes her form behind mine close enough to touch. We actually have to visualize physical contact to get this to work, and we have not been able to make anything happen without visual symbolism. She places her hands on mine and we can together move our limbs. After we get in sync like this, if I go mentally limp, she is the only one left in control at front.


I hope that our experience can help you out a little...

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Switching is trading places with your tulpa, putting your tulpa in a host-like state and the host in a tulpa-like state. I used a vague definition because "host-like" state and "tulpa-like" state can vary a lot depending on who you ask and everyone has a slightly different idea on what that means. Switching can mean becoming your tulpa, your tulpa controlling the body, your tulpa gaining ownership of the body, and so on.


If you're interested in learning how to switch, you may end up learning it on your own naturally. Several systems have achieved switching simply by learning about it's existence and trying their own thing.

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Switching can be difficult or easy for systems to achieve. I think the most important thing is to lower your expectations. It's highly unlikely a switch will be a black out. It likely will still feel like you're fronting. We've been switching for years now, and I have no clue how we do it.

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