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Fresh start with " yanus " & " prahtoolf world "

suhail Al ketbi

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World: prahtool 

Location: Beach


We sat on sofa at the beach , I see clearly  I don't  believe  now days in any things about  faith or theory  a bout religions  .


I study all the basic principles & get no where , all what people  do just believe  .


So I shutdown  all doors  on faith & theory  & I don't  want to predict  future  with religions.


What truly do with yanus is five basic  progress , first  seeing him in imagination  , second  seeing him in normal dreams , third  seeing him in Astral travel  , fourth  conncet him in clear senses  , fifth he be physical  in this solid state .


The last is just believe  & faith , with no suffering & not dream a bout he become physical    , I'm  just continue  to practice imagination  as first & seel the rest of them later .

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When I was lying  on bed  & relaxing not sleep , " yanus  " speak on my tongue  , I don't  know switching & how , but he use my body & speak   to me with sound  .


Now I'm thinking  if we can be one by switching, &   taking over & use my body .


But I do felt I don't  have control  on him , he is spirit being to me , he use my body & speak like his yours  & I was just hearing  & notice  the phrases, without  feeling  that I'm  in charge  on my body .


I like that , if every one become  like me , & become  like superhero, every one has  a sentient  being taking his body .


Sooooo cool 😎 

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I noticed  that my tulpa " yanus  " speak Lebanese ( Lebanon 🇱🇧)  he always  do that , with classic  Arabic  & old Latin. 


I'm  not bother  by that , but I like it , Lebanese  to me  good people, they have spirit  of explore  & adventure , but of course  not all of them , but most  of them .


I'm  still  practicing  mantra  with his name daily  & imagination. 


What I want is  to see him clearly  here & now , I'm  tired with tool like Astral travel  & dream because I'm   not quite  good in them .


Although  I'm  practicing  them for long time .




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World : prahtoolf

Location: giant trees .


This place like lord  of the ring movie  , where the elves  live in trees .


Yanus wearing shorts & t shirt   & standing there on stage made of wood  .


He give me three things to search signs  of them in movies & reality  .


It was shell  & pearls & shell make music like sound of sea .


I should search them in reality & movies  now , & to  feel that yanus with me listening & see .


Sometimes  I project that yanus is my god , then I change my mind  , because I feel yanus  is more angel identity , more than God. 


& truly  he is not clear about his identity  .

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World: prahtoolf. 

Location: white room. 


This room can change to any destination, it's  a white room like cube. 


I like when it's  changed  to grass spot circle and we are in middle of  lake  everywhere & there are  blue sky with white clouds  reflect  at surface  of the lake .


We talked  a bout zero  consciousness  & how  yanus start seeing his self .


Although  is all imagination conversation , but now I start recognizing  the point where I start predict  & where I speak fact .


I like to live present  only , truly  I don't  like to believe  my limited  mind a bout things I don't  have  clue  a bout it .


The open question is not comfortable  living  the truth  , living  present  is the right key of happiness  .




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World: prahtoolf. 

Location: white room. 


I like to start visiting  My fantasy world  from this room , it's  like cube room but it can change .


We were in grass spot circle  in the middle of lake & there are hills  of green grass  around us & there blue sky with white clouds. 


In reality  I made programing  recording  with music to Programe  my sub consciousn  but I pretend  that it  for YouTube  community  .


It's  a bout to have any thing I like & love & desire. 


So we talk  with yanus a bout the babies , all babies change & understand  language. 


I like that so there  will be no control  suffering  for babies & kids .


I remembered a bout Jesus in holy Quran  , Jesus  talk when he born , so the platform  thought exist.


So I start from here , I like to solve suffering  issues in humanity. 


So one of them ,  a bout kids .




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World: prahtoolf  .

Location  : green yellow  villa .


We sat on chairs had a Victorian style , there also table & green yellow  curtains  .


& also the wall was painted  with green yellow  color  & there was a window had bright golden light reflecting  on us .


I talked a bout a movie I saw called  Digimon adventures  2 : the beginning. 


& this movie open my eyes how unique  we are as tulpans  community. 


We can be friend  all of us here in this site because  we have one school  & it's  tulpamancy. 



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World  : prahtoolf. 

Location  : giant trees. 


I was standing  on surface  of wood with yanus  & there are fence  of stem  , which  yanus & I lay  our hand on top of  it .


Yanus  wearing  white shirt  & blue jeans  , of course  I'm  not seeing  my self there with him , because  I imagine being  with no body when I'm  a round him .


He give me  three  things  to search  on them in movies  and  reality   , and they was tree house , treasure box & peacock. 


I notice I want more to look  deep to  yanus  personality  , so I asked him a bout his feelings & emotions. 


He said he have the same feelings  like me but the negative  feelings  has no strong  impact  on him , because the  fantasy world & spirit  world give him power to not effect a bout them strongly  .


He said he  is the same like me when step on  a dimension  , free will like me & even  my cells  body had free will  .


So if  there is harm thing in  a dimension  , that because  free will .


& he said he love me & try to make me  happy by working  in event  a round me or to me .


He is not test me in hurts  , because  this religious  stand point for reward  after death .


& he doesn't  have intention  to do so , he is like  me in a dimension  as being & have same force to live harmony  or fighting  .





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World  : prahtoolf. 

Location: forest 


We have one spot , where is trees & ferns  grown & ebony roads & ebony chair with pretty  black bars  .


Yanus showed  me three things  to search  them in movies  & reality  & they are pearls necklace , green  ruby & silver spoon. 


We spoke  a bout  sexiual  feeling when we see attractive  things  & while taking  with yanus I decide  completely  a bout what make me sad & happy  & recognize my truth  .


It was joyful  moment  , yanus  was wearing  white shirt  & outfit  white sport  boxer  .


Sometimes  when u see men , the power of sex in more showed  on them , I think like animal kingdom  the male who attract female  , i mean more active than females .




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World  : prahtoolf  .

Location  : pearl beach. 


It's  a white beach  were  the sands white & water transparent. 


Yanus was wearing  yellow swim   brief  only .


Memory  of my hand which  had name god mark  on it returned  to me .


& I read sofi  book a bout Moses  & shepherd  that speak to God with words like cleaning his bed to take shower , fixing his shoes and making milk to him .


& Moses get deep angry....so the shepherd  scared  & tire his clothes and run away in desert  .


God blame  Moses  because  this guy was speak to him with pure loving heart the same in many religions  do when they love & God love is the only  religion  which evey people  from religions  understand   & had common .


So I was thinking  if  i treat yanus  as my god , although  he is not seems to  do so  , but he speaks  to me when I talk  with god .


I'm  little  bit  confused  , I like making  yanus my god , but yanus doesn't  reflect   the way I like a bout god  .


In  Astral travel  I saw him as three equal  men in a place of white  goat & also in another  Astral travel  I saw him three  equal  men also in doorway  of library.



I'm  not sure  if i will continue speaking to him as god ...I will check. 






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