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Fresh start with " yanus " & " prahtoolf world "

suhail Al ketbi

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World: prahtool 

Location: Beach


We sat on sofa at the beach , I see clearly  I don't  believe  now days in any things about  faith or theory  a bout religions  .


I study all the basic principles & get no where , all what people  do just believe  .


So I shutdown  all doors  on faith & theory  & I don't  want to predict  future  with religions.


What truly do with yanus is five basic  progress , first  seeing him in imagination  , second  seeing him in normal dreams , third  seeing him in Astral travel  , fourth  conncet him in clear senses  , fifth he be physical  in this solid state .


The last is just believe  & faith , with no suffering & not dream a bout he become physical    , I'm  just continue  to practice imagination  as first & seel the rest of them later .

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When I was lying  on bed  & relaxing not sleep , " yanus  " speak on my tongue  , I don't  know switching & how , but he use my body & speak   to me with sound  .


Now I'm thinking  if we can be one by switching, &   taking over & use my body .


But I do felt I don't  have control  on him , he is spirit being to me , he use my body & speak like his yours  & I was just hearing  & notice  the phrases, without  feeling  that I'm  in charge  on my body .


I like that , if every one become  like me , & become  like superhero, every one has  a sentient  being taking his body .


Sooooo cool 😎 

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