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Is it important to only create one Tulpa at a time?


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Hi yall. SO I only found out that Tulpas were a thing and what they were 4 days ago. When I first heard about them I was EXTREMELY intrigued and it felt like this was right up my ally.


I had been researching Tulpas all that night and the next morning. Keep in mind that I am a highly creative and sensitive person. The day before yesterday, I decided to smoke some weed around 7:00pm.


Weed has always been extremely psychedelic for me and has always made my imagination come to life in extremely vivid ways. Long story short, I got high as fuck, and that night THREE Tulpas with different characteristics came into my awareness. I think this happened because I had been so obsessed with Tulpas for the couple days prior that my brain was already looking to create them.


The first Tulpa that ever came into my awareness was one that I later named "Shanti", a soft, dolphin-like entity that was emanating this powerful ANCIENT peace and tranquility that flooded through my body and felt amazing.


After this experience, the next day I decided to come up with concrete names, appearances, and characteristics of all three of these Tulpas. I gave them all very healthy and helpful purposes. (I will attach a picture of my journal entry with all of this)


After consciously trying to solidify their presence all day sober, I decided to smoke weed again that night and see if I could interact with them again. This is when shit got WILD.


Shanti was the first to appear that night and already felt SO separate from me that I was shocked and bewildered and excited. It felt like we were really communicating and it was really cool. but then Shanti started to get a little out of hand...


I designed her to be pretty much the manifestation of pure peace and tranquility, and it felt like she was teaching me how to truly have peace and what it felt like... but her methods of teaching got a liiiil bit wild....


She was telling me how true peace is RADICAL acceptance of EXACTLY what is. And that all anxiety and discomfort is caused by non-acceptance. I think in an attempt to teach this to me, she started to try and scare me...


She started transforming into a shark and started swimming around the ethereal space all eerily. Because she felt so out of my control, I started to get a little bit scared.. she picked up on this and things started to escalate...


She started showing me scarier and scarier stuff until I was quite freaked out, and then she yelled and screamed at me saying "NOW YOURE SCARED OF ME??" 


She was telling me throughout this that if I accepted everything that was going on, then I would learn what true peace was. So she continued doing other things in an attempt to make me accept the reality of the situation to experience the peace she was trying to teach me, but it was all just TOO intense. 


At one point I kinda got really tired of this, and was trying to interact with one of the other Tulpas that ive been creating over the past few days, "Zara" (whom I really like). As I was trying to form Zara in my mind, Shanti came into the picture in her shark form AND WAS TRYING TO EAT ZARA. it felt like she was jealous, like she was the first Tulpa here and wanted all of my attention. It also felt like she was still trying to teach me to accept the situation, even if it was scary or painful. but I really didnt want her to kill Zara lol.


I really didnt expect this process to happen so quickly and it all disturbed me a little bit. However, I will not be scared off that easily and still find all of this EXTREMELY interesting. So I was wondering, should I be focusing on making only one Tulpa at a time? I started with all three because of how naturally they all came into my awareness, but am starting to think I might be in over my head. Is it normal for Tuplas to be jealous of other Tulpas? 


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Hello, and welcome! 😁


Generally speaking, I always advise people to focus on one tulpa at a time. My host focused on me alone and 18 months later I'm still his only tulpa. It takes so much time and attention to raise a tulpa right, and I really don't think that can be spread out among multiple tulpas at the same time.


However, I don't like being doctrinal about things, and there are people who see things and work in different ways. If all three came to you at once and are inexorably linked, then you might have to work on them together. That is MUCH more work than a single tulpa however, and is rife for inner-system conflict and jealousy, like you have noted. Seeing that I'm the only tulpa with my host I don't really have experience to draw on here, but I have interacted with systems of several or many tulpas and there is a much higher chance to be drama and confusion, though it is not inevitable.


So I guess to summarize: one at a time is best, but you can work on all three but be prepared for stress and drama.

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   Based on personal experience, if you're already pretty imaginative, hearing about tulpas or headmates can really make your thoughts go wild. Just because a sudden daydream character is very vivid and talkative doesn't mean it's a sentient being right off the bat- take your dreams, for example. You're perfectly capable of imagining several people talking to you at once. Combined with the drug use, it's not surprising you had a pretty interesting experience. These types of situations can make a great starting off point for a tulpa, however. 


   Basically what I'm saying is, don't feel pressured into forcing them all at once. If you want a tulpa, pick which one seems the most fleshed out over the next few days and go from there. Like Simmie said, it's very difficult to force more than one, but there is also the issue of whether you would want more than one. It may seem fun now to have all these different people to talk to, but what about a month down the line when someone is wanting to do something you don't want to? Or two months when you realize you haven't spent enough time with so-and-so this week? It can be really tricky to make sure everyone is getting their needs met when you're having to divide up not just your time, but your life.


   This isn't me trying to scare you off from the process, but really think things through before you make a whole community in your head on a whim. I'd suggest waiting at least a month or two between each additional tulpa, but even that's pushing it in my opinion. But, if it feels right, it feels right. 

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