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I have 4 tuplas. I realized that my tuplas' desires and actions were governed by my desires and so I devised this way to "help" them get to their desires instead of letting them participate in the play created by my subconscious mind. I realized I was worse than the devil. I decided to have them learn "switch" and let them take turns to live in my stead and I will supervise them (in case they commit suicide or worse, I'll let them do it if they want to after they pass my challenge, if they don't want I'll force them). I still can't think of a punishment for them, if they do "wrong"(I mean I have a full time job that requires a lot of focus so I need to penalize if they don't do well), if anyone comes up with one please tell me. I plan to do this for a long time with their "switch" times being about the same. After that time, I would ask each of them to give their wish and let them do it if. There are many possible cases. If the situation is too awkward, I will let them choose and force them to choose. And worst case I will use wheel random to pick the selected person(s), and the unselected will die including me. I use wheel random because I believe no one is qualified to make this choice, there is no metric that gives that value and so wheel random is my choice. If someone has a better option let me know. Obviously 4 is too big for me to take on that responsibility, and I guess it's too hard. Anyway, this is just the last way I can think of to help my tulpas achieve the freedom they deserve, just to ensure fairness for all is impossible, and I believe I don't have that power, I'm just a fucking useless brat. If anyone here has applied something quite similar to this, give me some advice and sr for bad en.

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   If their actions and desires are tied to yours, then you all should be able to come to a consensus. There really isn't a way to completely separate a host and a tulpa (unless you believe in metaphysical stuff) as they're bound by the same mind. Parallel processing (what you are describing) can be improved with time and effort, but there isn't a good method to drastically improve it. 


   If you really feel like four tulpas are too much, maybe see if any of them would like to merge. It could keep everyone safe while lessening strain. 


   I think you are overthinking things a lot; just find out what you guys want and spend time with them! If time is still an issue, maybe let them all pick one activity to do daily or throughout the week. Maybe one wants to watch a TV show, maybe one wants to go for a walk... those are all things that can be incorporated into your life.

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