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A Connection Between Visualization and Blending?


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Lolcery was telling me about his visualization skill progress and he remarked that one of his goals was to make it easier to differentiate his headmates. My gut thought was differentiating headmates is usually an identity/development related issue, but then I wondered if people with aphantasia also have issues with differentiating their tulpa from themself. I thought I saw somewhere they did, but I could be making it up.


I don't know if this is true or not, I want to see what you guys think.

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We don't have aphantasia so we can't really comment on that (though we could theorize on it). But I can say that visualization for us helps to decrease blending. I focus on visualizing my own body (as well as use the other senses) and that really helps me differentiate myself from my host. It especially works when we're laying in bed and the lights are out because naturally his body is receiving very few inputs and I can just sort-of impose my own in its place. So I guess extrapolating from that, yeah, people from aphantasia may have a harder time because they wouldn't have access to some of those tools.

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