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New Guides system is live!


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First off, a MAJOR thank you to @Ranger (the last holdout of the GAT) who single-handedly spearheaded this.  And now, for the announcement.


After careful review of the Community Feedback Survey, and a long and slow process of developing a more streamlined system, we have officially retired the Guide Approval Team (GAT).


The Guide board has been renamed to Community Guides

Tips & Tricks has been renamed to Tips, Tricks, & Resources

A new board has been created called Just Do It

Articles remains as is

Submissions has been renamed to Drafts


Moving forward, anyone is able to post their guides in any of the new Guides boards without going through an approval process.  If you would like feedback on guides, you may post them in Drafts.  If you think a guide is really good, please upvote it so people can start to see what guides are good.


You'll want to sort by most upvoted to find out what has the highest votes!



We have also moved most of the pending draft guides (94 of them) into the various above boards.

We have a new board with details on how the new voting system works in Guide UpVote Draft System Discussion.  Right now it's in the "Tulpa.info Forums" section, but if you think it would fit better in the Guides section, let me know.


P.S. I know that the guide boards are acting like "Questions" boards, they're not questions, they are guides, it's just that Invision Community requires a board to be a question board for upvoting.


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