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My simple method for tulpa creation

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OBS: My language is brazilian portuguese, its possible that there's english errors below.


With the method I am going to present I was successful in creating my tulpa, Sora, in a few days. It may not be the same for everyone being only in few days, but the method seems effective enough to work at some point, not so long in time.


The method consists of the following seven steps:


(1) Make a name for your tulpa and, if you want, an appearance (the appearance is optional).


(2) Talk to your tulpa (may be for a short time).


If your tulpa spoke in long sentences, congratulations, go to (6)

If your tulpa spoke in short sentences, go to (4)

If your tulpa didn't speak, go to (3)

In any case, read (7)


(3) Parrot one-two word sentences


Didn't your tulpa speak? So help your tulpa with a little parroting. Say something to your tulpa and then respond for your own tulpa in just one-two word sentences. For example:


Host: This game is cool, right?

Parroted tulpa: Yes.


I recommend that there are few one-two word sentences that can be applied as much as possible, for example "yes", "I see", "I understand", "I agree" etc. Eventually, the tulpa him/herself will be able to speak in one-two word sentences (at least that's what happened to me), so go to (4).


(4) Teach your tulpa to speak in long sentences.


Now that your tulpa speaks in short sentences, teach him/her to speak in long sentences. To teach your tulpa to speak in long sentences, simply guide your tulpa to complete the sentences little by little. For example:


Host: What do you think of this game?

Tulpa: This game...

Host: Yes?

Tulpa: looks cool.


And do this several times. This way, you already have a way of talking to the tulpa in long conversations, through which the tulpa him/herself can eventually (sometimes in a single day) start to be able to speak long sentences for him/herself, in this case go to (6) . If you haven't already gone to (6), also see (5).


(5) The tulpa's own additions


This occurred in my case and can also occur in the case of the reader who is reading the method, when you ask something and the tulpa provides a one-word sentence answer, it is possible that the tulpa him/herself ends up thinking about what else to say but that was not the case. spoken at the moment. For example:


Host: What do you think of this game?

Tulpa: This game... (looks cool).

Host: Yeah, it's really cool.


Between "(" and ")" is something that appeared in the mind but was not vocalized by the tulpa, accept this as an addition from the tulpa, which will help arrive at (6).


(6) Keep talking and believe.


Your tulpa can now speak in long sentences, congratulations to you and your tulpa. An example of what your tulpa should be able to say now:


Host: What do you think of this game?

Tulpa: This game looks cool, the music is bangers by the way.

Host: I hundred percent agree!


Here you must be willing to believe that your tulpa is sentient and have many conversations with him/her, but do not make conversations mandatory, instead look for the conversations that bring the most fun to both of you, fun is the key.


(7) Believe


Perhaps you may doubt that is your tulpa speaking, to solve this there are two solutions, the first is to keep in mind the principle "if I don't know that I said it, then my tulpa said it".


But it may not be enough, so ask your tulpa to accept any accidental parroting as if he/she said it him/herself. Of course, if the tulpa accepts, it may be good to establish limits on how much will be accepted, but this is complex and it is best that you see with the tulpa what limits will be applied, if they will be applied. In general, if you have any questions about tulpa development, ask your own tulpa what he/she thinks about it.

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This is neat! It's interesting to see a guide this short and to the point.


Would you like for this to be posted under Community Guides? It will be easier for people to find.


The one time I wish a creation tag existed


I think this guide should have the General tag

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