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Can a Tulpa be a half of your soul?

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So I like the philosophy of dualistic nondualism and I see my female tulpa (who communicates through emotion, writing, and thoughts) as the other half of my soul even though she’s created. Can a tulpa be one half of the host’s soul? Thanks! 

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It's one model, ultimately no one knows, it certainly could be.


In our case we are clearly seven so we would be cutting that soul to shreds. (Or shards).

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we don't have metaphysical beliefs, but I'd say it'd be more like you slowly grow a new soul as a tulpa develops, 'cus there's six of us and we all feel (and function like, when switched) our own complete people


like when a baby is conceived and then born maybe


but of course sharing such a close connection with someone as to live in the same brain means you guys are connected in other very important ways too, regardless of specific beliefs on souls

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Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

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Hmm I was wondering about that and whether Tulpas have soul or not. They certainly have consciousness. 

That would depend on what happens to them when we die. Where would they exist? 

Brain stores consciousness. (please be respectful I'm not pushing my beliefs on anybody but here is my five cents) So, My.. argument on life after death is that we have basically two brains, one is physical the other one is basically energetical/other dimensional, they are connected with each other and my theory on the origin of the soul is the continuous reincarnation from the smallest organism to bigger organisms and animals (their consciousness/soul developed because it was stored inside the brain of the small organism, and before it was part of something else in the universe since according to physics you can't create something or destroy it) until it eventually became human. (so that view of the soul would explain from where  past life memories come from or vice versa)


BUT. What about tulpas? What happens to them when we die? Well, anybody can create or manifest consciousness, BUT basically as we know it consciousness is the software so it needs hardware to run on, the hardware is our brain.

BUT what if we die? Since tulpas are located like, in our brain so they have a unique way of existing. Well this is something I've been wondering. Would they continue to live on with us? Where do they go?  Or - my worst nightmare - they cease to exist?

But thinking about this - who would really have the priority? Who would really go where?  Maybe it doesn't matter who's the 'original'/host. 

Well, this is certainly an interesting topic which I can't figure out. And maybe I don't want to for now.


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