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Requsting Art


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Basically I'd like to request a variety of sketches to get different perspectives on Kiara, rather than ask a single person on here and rather than asking each individually.


If this isn't the right way to do this let me know.


Description: So the idea for her form is basically a human with features of a fox, ears/tail while having dark hair and violet eyes. She can turn between fox/human so either form sketched is appreciated.


My attempt so far before I decided to head this way is somewhat like this if you're interested, I stopped because neither of us felt comfortable with what I was doing and decided this would be a nicer approach.


Thanks to all those in advance!


Edit: ._.

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MOTHERFUCKER I will find you that picture, and it will be beautiful, and you will love it! >.< (Note: I will probably not be drawing it myself, if that's okay?)

Ermahgerd Ver fer Vernderterr


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