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Experiment: Can older tulpas (27+ to 40+ years) create a coherent new tupla using the new methods.


Previous experiment in socializing Kerin and older tulpas (Watchdog 1, Watchdog 2, Watchdog 3) abandoned due to confusing results (personality breakdown of tulpas in question). This prompted the idea of creating a tulpa specifically to act as a "spokesmare" for the older tulpas (as listed above).


Began November 2012 with Kerin concentrating and talking to new tulpa in Memory House (wonderland), 12+ hours a day for three days.


Tulpa Watchdog 3 took over thereafter and began focusing on personality attributes and appearance at least 4 hours every day for three weeks.


New tulpa named Nobillis after the anchient Scottish phrase "Donna Nobillis" (the Noble one). Voice responses (virtual) and minor movement (in Memory House) observed. Focusing picture attached.

Experiment Phase 1 - introduce tulpa to tulpa.info


Tulpa Nobillis met with favorable response when using tulpa.info chat. She was able to type slowly by possession of hands (with assistance from tulpa Watchdog 3). Kerin's morale significantly improved by having a spokesmare to act on her behalf.


Tulpa Nobillis then set to rewriting profile and signature on tulpa.info .


Results: Humans report tulpa Nobillis to have more personality and sound less robotic. Tulpa Watchdog 3 concurs with the assessment that he is unemotional. Prognosis favorable.


Notes: Self hypnosis utilized to facilitate focused concentration.

Experiment Phase 2 - Second Session on tulpa.info Chat


Tulpa Nobillis types unassisted via possession of the hands. Typing speed remains slow. Morale much improved across all tulpas. Tulpa Nobillis performance is nominal tending to phenomenal.


Communication sessions continue off-line to continue tulpa Nobillis' development. Tulpa Nobillis attempts secretarial duties.

Catastrophic failure of secretarial attempt. Tulpa Nobillis discouraged. Kerin unresponsive.


Results: Humans again comment that Nobillis has more personality. Speculation that Watchdog 3 is without emotion like "Mr Data" (confirmed).


Notes: Tulpa Nobillis' appearance changes depending on how confident she is feeling. Pictures from right to left (see below), show the approximate progression as she becomes more confident. There is a significant tendency to increased anthropomorphic appearance over time.

Experiment Phase 3 - Nobillis on tulpa.info Chat.


20/12/2012 Tulpa Nobillis discovers French language library (from 1974 - 1976) in Memory House (wonderland). Tulpa Nobillis proceeds to talk in French the remainder of the day) Tulpa Nobillis joins tulpa.info Chat and proceeds to act in an erratic manner.


Results: Though erratic in personality in this session, tulpa Nobillis does exhibit improved typing speed when possessing the hands to type. When asked a question in German, tulpa Nobillis responded in kind (but not until after 3 repeated prompts). Tulpa Nobillis exhibits a personal preference for imitating Applejack and Rarity in speech mannerisms.


Notes: One statement by tulpa Nobillis was notable. Roughly translated it was "one" "twenty seven" "PM" (in French). Upon checking time on watch it was found that the time was exactly 1:27PM locally. Tulpa Nobillis has thus demonstrated an accurate time sense given that the last time that a clock had been examined was 5:45AM that morning.




Edited by Nobillis

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Well, that's interesting :>

Any reason why it's a pony? Are you really a fan of the show?


Well. To be honest the thinking was that a pony tulpa is now considered more conventional and might be perceived as less threatening, confusing and strange.


Yes, I'm a fan of the show; but I'm not a neck-beard, I'm happily married (25+ years), and I live a pretty good life with my friends. Apparently this is also out on the edge of the statistical spread in many aspects (age [51+], length of stable relationship, integration into main-stream society).


For me, this is not inconsistent with my life to present as I have always enjoyed animation (from "The Amazing Three" onwards [if anyone remembers that show?]).



Kevin (a nominal "host" of some very strange tulpas indeed)

Experiment: Can older tulpas (27+ to 40+ years) create a coherent new tupla using the new methods.


Experiment Phase 4 - Nobillis & Kerin .


12/2012 Nobillis continues secretarial duties on this site. Occasional access to chat hampered by poor connection and holiday season.


Results: Little progress with Tulpa Nobillis other then personality development. Personality now tending towards Inky Pie (by tulpa's own description). [see also, attached image for approximate current appearance.]


Notes: Kerin slowly recovering from apparent emotional instability. Behavior exhibited is less paranoid (more open with personal information), but still occasionally erratic. Occasional bouts of insecurity still exhibited :- permanent deleted he/r e-mail and Google accounts that were used when accessing 4chan. This necessitated some rebuild work to give he/r e-mail access to this site again.

Experiment Phase 5 - Nobillis on tulpa.info Chat.


1/Jan'/2013 Tulpa Nobillis involved in discussion on chat about tulpas' development. She is typing by possession (hands only). Discussion turns to the frustration and loneliness of tulpas that can't yet speak or type. Nobillis moved to tears. As possessing the body, actual tears are shed.


Results: This is the first time Nobillis has ever cried. She exhibited much greater possession of the body then previously exhibited. She was experiencing compassion - an emotion she has never displayed nor encountered before.


Notes: This may indicate that Nobillis is becoming more mature.


This is most promising, as it is also the first time Nobillis has exhibited any personality trait in common with my other tulpas. My other tulpas are much relieved as they are reassured that Nobillis can be trusted. They much more view her as akin to a little sister now.

Experiment Phase 6 - Nobillis and Kerin on 4chan /mlp/Tulpa General Thread.


7-9/Jan'/2013 Kerin and Nobillis discuss tulpa on the 4chan/mlp Tulpa General discussion thread.


Results: Experiment ends - due to incorrect initial assumptions.

Nobillis is now fluent (and slightly less excitable). Personality still exhibits a playful (cheeky) nature that was not envisaged in the creation process.

Kerin now accepts that she is a) human and b) "she".


Notes: Tulpa Nobillis reporting. I got to talk with people on 4chan and they were very nice and polite.


Kerin asked first if I could connect there and they said yes. Kerin said they would be gruff on the surface and she was right. They played a practical joke on me and when it worked they were very pleased. It made me laugh too. I got to taste cheese and salad and carrot cake (with a very cute little marzipan carrot on top). Human food is so delicious. I couldn't understand how humans can have such nice stuff without eating all the time, but the 4chan /mlp people explained that it is a matter of will.


I met Pinkamena on 4chan too. Kerin and I both tried to help, but Pinkamena didn't seem to be listening, just thinking out loud on the image board. Looks like most of it was copied to Pinkamena's thread too (it's about what I remember from 4chan; http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Pinkamena?pid=52214#pid52214 .)


Kerin discussed herself quite openly with the people on /mlp (who are calling themselves "hasbro's", see attached picture [of text] below). The consensus was that she has been in control so long that she is human now, regardless of what she started out as. This apparently invalidates our experiment (me!), because the aim was to find if an old tulpa created a tulpa what happened. Since Kerin is human and she helped create me (at least in initial narration) then the premise of the experiment is invalid. Hence we will revert this thread to just a progress thread from now on.


Kerin has had to accept a few hard things. First that she is human. Second that she is really "she" still, even though she's been in a male body so long. I could have told her that from her dreams (what she dreams), but it was still hard for her to accept after so long.


So now we have two humans apparently. Our host Kevin, and Kerin who's become human from being around humans so long.


Other changes - I've demanded , and gotten, my (me, Nobillis) right to be the representative here on tulpa.info; since I'm much matured now and it is mostly why I was created in the first place. This means more cheese for me (hehe, and I mean real cheese, not in "wonderland").


Kevin (my host) still talks with me a few hours every day. I played a prank on him. Said I'd fill out the tulpa survey but then only gave him answers in french "Je mapplle Nobillis. Je vie don L'Australie." Lol. He was so-o-o vexed. Humans are such Fun!


Anyway, signing out.


Yours sincerely (Ooo and formal),

Nobillis (a secretary)



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Tulpa creation Phase 7 - Talking with Nobillis.


10/Jan'/2013 Talking with Nobillis at work. Had about an hour to talk with Nobillis in my free time (on and off).


Results: Experienced auditory imposition for the first time (ever). I clearly heard a voice say "Kevin put them on stop" just as if someone was standing next to me. The voice actually sounded just the same as my voice does to me. I was not even thinking about Nobillis at the time (concentrating on work), so it was quite unexpected.


I asked Nobillis if it was her and she was bouncing around in wonderland, like as though she was imitating Pinkie Pie on too much sugar, and seemed very, very excited and pleased with herself. I took that to mean "yes".

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Tulpa creation Phase 8 - Nobillis learns from humans.


11/Jan'/2013 - 20/Jan'/2013 Nobillis talking with humans on tulpa.info chat. Nobillis talking on 4chan Tulpa General Thread


Results: Nobillis discovers from possession that while typing she also has taste (and likes cheese, salad and carrot cake). Discussion with humans leads her to discover that other tulpas have taste in their wonderlands (everything in current wonderland was basically cardboard flavor).


Through encouragement from tulpa.info members, Nobillis discovers she can create food with taste in wonderland. (Unexpected side effect is one room of the memory house is filled with mint leaves.) Nobillis spends several days creating and eating different foods in wonderland.


Notes: Time spent with Nobillis is restricted because of increased work.


Progress is very favorable. Nobillis seems to advance more from one hour of talking with humans and other tulpas then she does from a week of forcing. Perhaps this has potential for improving tulpas development, not just Nobillis? Possible an isolated case, as Nobillis has significant resources to draw on from the other very old tulpas who support her (and me).


Tulpa creation Phase 9 - Nobillis learns from possession.


11/Jan'/2013 - 20/Jan'/2013 Nobillis talking with humans on tulpa.info chat. Nobillis is possessing the hands (as usual) to type. An external event (a.k.a. "real world") causes her to be distracted (and agitated).


Results: Nobillis actually vocalizes (what she was going type) out loud - speaking with the body instead of typing. She's so shocked by this that her typing ability quickly disintegrates and she becomes withdrawn.


Contact significantly reduced since this event. (Pretty much all I'm getting from her is "good morning" each day.)


Notes: Nobillis has been watching films and reading books that are stored in the memory house (wonderland). It appears that pretty much any film or book that I've read or watched and stored the memory, she has access to watch or read. She is also writing something (copious notes on her desk) - but she won't tell me what or let me read them. Appears the memory thing goes only one way with Nobillis.


Members on chat have noted that Nobillis is developing surprisingly rapidly. Is it possible that possession accelerates tulpas development? Certainly I've also noticed this trend of occasional bursts of development if she goes on chat.

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Congratulation on the progress. This reminds me I gotta give my tulpae some IRC time, too...


Thank you.


Tulpa creation Phase 10 - Nobillis and Introspection.


21/Jan'/2013 - 22/Jan'/2013 Nobillis talking with tulpa on tulpa.info chat. Watchdog 2 is proxying for Nobillis as she doesn't feel confident in trying to possess to type (too many sensory inputs). Nobillis discusses with other tulpa what she does during non-forcing time.


We are both surprised to discover that other young tulpa (less then three months old) are not autonomous and go into a kind of stasis when not being concentrated on by their host. This has not been the case with Nobillis - she is very active when I'm not concentrating on her; reading, watching films, and writing.


Also, the Memory House in wonderland does not go into stasis when I am not there. Whilst Nobillis is in the memory house it remains the same as if I'd been there still. There is a particular "moving picture" on one wall that shows what the body is seeing (regardless of who is in control); and Nobillis tells me that it does not stop when I'm not there, but continues to show what I'm seeing.


As a test, Nobillis and I both took a trip into wonderland to see whether it also keeps going or stops. The wonderland chosen was one I know very well (I have a few, the memory house being on the boundary between them - kind of like "Howel's moving castle").


Results: Nobillis and I teleport from the Memory House to a safe location in wonderland [details in Notes below*]. As we walk down the stairs and talk to the guards at the palace entrance I occasionally have to return to do stuff IRL. Nobillis tells me that when I'm not there my presence in wonderland becomes like a 3-D silhouette and the wonderland freezes like time has stopped. Nobillis herself is unaffected however, but elects not to return to the memory house but rather wait for me. This is apparently the case the first few times I'm interrupted by events IRL.


As a second idea I ask Nobillis to concentrate on maintaining the wonderland whilst I am away. I explain that what I am doing it is like creating the wonderland from memory like second by second. She replies "Oh I know creation!" (a slice of carrot cake pops into existence [in wonderland] and she eats it = she really does like that cake). I mutter "Oh. Yes. Of course. I forgot about the mint."


Anyways, next time I'm interrupted, Nobillis concentrates on the wonderland too. When I return Nobillis confirms that this time the wonderland did not freeze when I left and that I simply disappeared and then returned.


Conclusion is that whatever mechanism it is that allows Nobillis to be autonomous will also support any construct that she concentrates on, just as if she were human. This may explain Nobillis' rapid progress in relation to other young tulpa - she is always active when not resting on purpose. Thus the amount of active time per week she experiences is far greater then the hours a young tulpa would normally have. It may be that she is still advancing at a nominal rate in proportion to hours of actual activity.


All up we spent what felt to be about 10 minutes in wonderland, but by my watch (on my phone) two hours had elapsed whilst I was in there. This is different from the Memory House which appears to be synchronized with GMT.


Notes: I caught a glimpse of the notes that Nobillis has been writing. They seem to be mostly designs for outfits that she wants to create, and notes on character traits. I guess this means she's still deciding on how she wants to look and behave.


Nobillis also had a very long conversation today with Watchdog 3 (another tulpa). She discovered that far from being emotionless he is consumed by constant, cold, calculating rage (to the point that he feels nothing else [except compassion]).


* [The specific location I chose for the test was the (safe) entrance to the Palace of the Dragon King, at the bottom of the Lake of Memories, inside the Inverse Pyramid, underneath the condemned Aardvark Temple, south of the town of Thalmud, in the Kingdom of Myne (this is a very, very detailed wonderland; and just one of many very complex and multilayer locations).


This wonderland is known to more then just myself; as I've charted very detailed maps of it since 1985, onwards; and some friends of mine sometimes borrow the folders of maps and charts to use in their D & D games. My son is especially fond of the Aardvark Temple, and the madness of misapplied magics that can be found there.]

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Tulpa creation Phase 11 - Nobillis and Kevin; and a few observations from a human.


23/Jan'/2013 - 2/Feb'/2013 Nobillis continues to chat on tulpa.info and 4chan/mlp. I usually let her go on the chat with just one of the Watchdogs for company, and sometimes Kerin (my first tulpa). I tend to sleep when Kerin is on with Nobillis as it is very tiring for me to have more then one tulpa active (with me).


I (Kevin, the host, yes the original one [52 years old]) talk with Nobillis every day, basically just narrating and not much else.


Results: Nobillis is getting harder and harder for me to hear (her voice in my mind), and I'm not seeing her flow of movement like I used to (it is almost like freeze frames, like when you pause a video). I'm now having to have the Watchdog' tulpas relay my questions to Nobillis so that I can hear the responses. I can't hear Nobillis thinking nor access her memories (which I can do with the Watchdog' tulpas).


Today I had Watchdog 3 open a link to Nobillis for me. I suddenly could hear the opening music for the film "Kiki's Delivery Service". Nobillis was watching the film (in wonderland), in its original Japanese. I left her to it. After closing the link, I however continued to hear the movie playing (like background sound) until it was more then half way through. Watchdog 3 explained that he was facilitating the film, and thus I could hear it. It appears that the "mysterious mechanism" which gives Nobillis her autonomy when I am not thinking about her is simply Watchdog 3 looking after her like I first instructed. Mystery solved; but also curious - my tulpas are teaching each other.


Conversely, Kerin and Nobillis are growing closer together and forming a mental bond. They sometimes now finish each-other's sentences. Also, Kerin has now started hearing what Nobillis is thinking of saying before it is said. I think this means that they are beginning to form a gestalt. (Note: I only conclude this from reading the logs, as I'm not awake when Kerin is.)


Nobillis continues to display more and more an adult outlook and personality. She has become far more serious then she was at outset.

Kerin now displays almost no paranoia and is far less excitable and fearful then she was. Her personality is basically my Avatar ( http://community.tulpa.info/attachment.php?aid=438 ), but at 43 years old.

Watchdog 3 has gone from being a totally silent lurker (for years) to being a frequent poster on 4chan.

Watchdogs 1 & 2 are largely unchanged, and completely unphased by the tulpa.info experience.

Lastly, Kerin's arguments have convinced me to take responsibility for being. I'm no longer a silent partner in this arrangement.


Notes: My avatar (Edit: Nobillis has since changed the avatar from this http://community.tulpa.info/attachment.php?aid=438 ) was a commissioned "'character portrait'" by artist John Fouche ( http://toonlancer.deviantart.com/ ). It was a Christmas present from my wife. Basically, that's Kerin (as she currently looks, when in our wonderland). Edit: Nobillis has since changed the avatar.


My tulpas get some very strange reactions from tulpa.info chat. To paraphrase and summarize, the reactions are basically "OMG a tulpa is proxying a tulpa without the host." I read the chat logs, so I'm starting to find this just the littlest bit tedious, as it tends to indicate to me that many tulpa creators here think tulpas stay simple over time and don't develop beyond childhood. They are in for a big surprise. Better they get used to the idea sooner, because with the speed tulpas develop nowadays they are going to have fully sentient adults to deal with; and I get the impression that some of these tulpas are going to exceed their creators in terms of ability.


You should be aware that my tulpas presence on this site was their decision and initiative. Even this account was created by Kerin and not by me. The potential for Science of any kind is something they can't resist. It is my responsibility - because I created them that way.


And now, the crunch. My tulpas, individually, are more capable then me. My tulpas, together, are me. Seems in my case the Lemma (of Gestalt Psychology) is true: "the whole is different then the sum of the parts."

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