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What's unique about your tulpa?

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Fox-Nights insults me. It's not the 'oh, that's funny, you fell' shit.

I mean she truly insults me in my day. Playing a game and I died? 'Only a pussy dies on this. Get to pirating Dark Souls so I can see you fail.' Die on Dark Souls? 'Are you shitting me? If you can't press the buttons fast enough to block that, you should probably just go back to failing at Naruto.'


Make a sandwich? 'Did you seriously put that much mayo on that sandwich? Cumguzzler.' Bathroom? 'Hey, hey- turn off the light so I can try to get you to impose Slenderman and scare you shitless.'

'I'm trying to pee, though.'

'Then he'll scare the piss out of you, no diff.'


It's gotten to the point where I just take it all like normal. I've had people insult me before, but it never got that severe. I insult her right back, and now that's our relationship. Mutually 'hating' each other. She still gets antsy if I don't talk to her for any extended periods of time, and I don't like the thought of her 'leaving'. We throw words around like some terrible anime with the most aggressive writers you've ever seen, living out grudges through their characters.


Though, I still do what she wants if she asks me, and she still tries to help me out as much as before. I've just developed an undogly amount of patience in dealing with her, to where if someone were to say anything to me and try to make it hurt, I'd have worse to retort. So much worse.

Also, I don't know if anyone else on here is the same way, but I can't stay calm if I don't know something. If I give her some sort of power I saw in a game or one of my mangos from Japon, I have to work it out. I have to scale the power, I have to see how it is her arm can shoot lasers before she can even muster something as strong as one of the pointers that attracts cats. If it doesn't work, I'm not doing it. This means I tend to have a lot more ideas on how to establish powers and I'm a lot more selective, but it really just amounts to 'While all these babies are playing with WWE action figures my gundam specially imported from Japon has over 100 articulation points and can do the Macarena if I press this button on its back'
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My tulpa of Celestia is completely aware that she is a tulpa and doesn't deny it or sugarcoat it any with selective language. It's mostly because she's deviated, becoming more of an intellectual over time. We discuss lots of abstract ideas and concepts openly and I find she really contributes.


Celestia : ''Reading that made me picture the both of us in lab coats in front of some test tubes. To the forum, our conversations are not as dry as he's making them sound. I try to bring a little cheeriness here and there to make up for his pessimism.''


I suppose that might be a little unique in a way, I have yet to meet others with a similar relationship with their tulpa on the subject of just what they are.


I haven't sexed her. Don't want to and never will. She isn't interested in possession and actually asked me not to attempt it. Also she created the vast majority of our mindscape.


Celestia : ''Well I found your initial idea of the mindscape a little lacking really. It needed some desserts, tropical forests etc. On possession I just don't really want to take on a body, I'm fine with how I am. You are you and I am me and I like it like that.''


So yeah. Longish post I guess. I lol'd at the not a pony mention, I admit the idea is a little overused isn't it? No offense to fellow pony tulpa hosts.

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Well! Amy is... I'm so very proud of her. She saved a tulpa from a life of suffering on behalf of his host. He was made, unconsciously, by his host when they were very young. They had a -lot- of emotional abuse to deal with, and so he took it upon himself to leech as much of the pain away as he could. And, being a being of the mind, it hurt him... quite badly. To the point where he looked like a demon. But upon hearing about him, Amy, IN A SINGLE NIGHT, worked with his host, and brought him out of his cage of pain.


... On top of which they are now mates with little kippies on the way. (Kit [Amy's a fox] + Puppy [Hero's a wolf])


And Sigma's just as impressive! He's my little scholar. There's a tulpa... that he -hates-. Like. Hates hates. But, one day, when talking to her host, he divulged that she (the tulpa) couldn't read or write, and that's why she never communicated directly in chat. So, Sigma, for the sake of knowledge, put aside his feelings to tutor her in reading and writing. Selfless! And... successful, apparently. It's actually working.


On top of which, they can both go into other people's mindscapes and have conversations with tulpas, with neither host knowing what transgressed, and then have both tulpas able to recount the conversation to their hosts, with no deviation in detail. That's kinda... mind blowing to me.


My tulpas are super ballstasically amazing.



Nine-Tailed Kitsune


Anthro Cat-Bat

The Kippies!

Jazz (M), Viola (F), Chime (H), Fife (M), Iris (F), Robyn (F), Aster (M), Sage (F), Dune (M), Snowbell (F), Rosemary (F), Glyph (M), Volt (M), Circuit (F)

The Baybees~

Marina, Acorn, Anais, Lily, Chip

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