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Linkzelda's Drawing Archive & Drawing Requests Thread

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Here I'll be taking requests to draw your tulpa! And I'll also post my own tulpa art and other art as well (along with videos in the future as well).


Here are some drawings I did, just pulling these from my deviant art profile "Linkzelda41"


This is my attempt at drawing my tulpa, was too lazy to add the eyes:



This is a portrait I did for someone nicknamed Ophelia:




Another one of her I did before the previous link:




This is a female named Melanie I did another portrait for:




A girl named Lisa I drew:




A girl named Jalisa here:




A random drawing of Jennifer Lopez I did waaay back before doing digital drawings:





A girl from German I did when I was younger (the drawing, not doing her lol):





A girl named Renee I drew:





You can find the rest on my Deviant art page Linkzelda4:






Note: There will be many things that will determine if I can draw your tulpae or whatever concept you have in mind.


In order for me to do that, you need think about giving me:


  • References
  • The poses, concept, height, etc.
  • Time to actually finish your drawing


This is all to improve my drawing, so please be thoughtful that I have an actual life and might be busy to finish your requests quickly. I'm trying to transition between several sites to get my art known, so the more specific and detailed you are in your requests, the better and potentially the more easier it is for me to put some realism in your tulpa.


Of course, I can do cartoons, chibi, simple cel-shading, and all that. Note, I'll only be doing digital drawings, I'm too tired to do traditional drawings when I get the same or nearly same effect on digital paintings.


I use:


Photoshop CS6 (unless there's an update)

Manga Studio 5

GIMP (rarely)



So feel free to post your requests. I'll show sketches and WIP, and I might even do videos which has the drawings sped up so you can see how I did the process. I usually do grascale drawings and then use color mode on Photoshop CS6 (or above in the future) and mix around with Multiple, Overlay, and other blending modes.


So when I'm drawing your tulpae, keep in mind that things will show as grayscale first, and color will be added by default unless you only want a black and white drawing of them.



I can draw anything if you give me good references. I can do fairly well drawing humans, which means the abstract and other forms of drawings are pretty easy for me. I may not be perfect, but you should know that every drawing I do will be done to the best of my abilities. I'm always aiming to improve.


Request away :)

Here's part 1 of a video I did with one of the links above I did of Eva, my tulpa. :P



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Yes! I don't know why everyone doesn't jump to the opportunity of getting their tulpa drawn. It's so much help for visualisation.


Anyway, i'm not sure this is being a tad selfish because I already have drawing of my tulpa, but man.. you do faces so well, and in so much detail!


Here's two drawings of my tulpa Maddilyn:

Picture A: http://i.imgur.com/WTtxHPy.jpg?1

Picture B: http://i.imgur.com/U4bgnNg.jpg?1


She's closer to A than B, but her jacket is more tightly fighting and a more creamy colour like B. She has an elvish face, with ears about 20cm long that point backward more than from the side of the face. She has a smallish thin nose that points slightly up kind of like this: http://cdn5.wn.com/ph/img/0e/6a/b169f2d6c21345f43492c5fb7960-grande.jpg . Her eyes are jade green and her hair is darkish brown.


She is roughly 160cm (5.25 feet) tall, has a small frame (elvish) and is about 17 years of age. She can were whatever you feel comfortable drawing, just please don't make it too exposing.


She is not an anime character, so realism is better I guess.


As for pose, you can also do really what you feel comfortable doing. One idea is like this: http://www.posemaniacs.com/archives/1300 but with knees apart, ankles crossed and back leaning against some wall.


It doesn't really even need to include the body, just the head would be awesome. Sorry if I am being too specific, but you know... got to get it just like in my head.


Thanks for possibly drawing my tulpa, or even anyone's, it's a great thing to do for the community.

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Guest Anonymous

If i got a penny for every request i make, i would own a new computer.

Your artstyle is interesting and i think it looks cool. I would really like it if you drew Mika.


Pictures for references can be found in my signature.

She is 173cm in her human form and above knee height in pony form (height comparison can be found in one of the pics)

If you choose to draw only one form, i would like it to be in her pony form.

As for pose, try doing something you're not seeing in any of the pictures... or whatever you want actually.


Also, Thanks for doing this :).

"Much appreciated :D"

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Freaking- Why can't I draw like that? ;^; *dubs new idol*


Anywayssss.... this is actually great. I have the hardest time visualizing Forseen cuz he changes outfits a lot, he's realistic, and plus my visualization isn't the best...


Since he changes what he looks like a lot, I might as well give you a simple generic form-thingy, right? Right.


So, he looks around 10-ish, really young. His hair's brown and kinda looks like this, on the right (sorry, only picture I have...) He's got cat ears and his eyes are a reddish-brown colour. And outfit-wise uhh... heck, put him in anything. He changes clothes almost daily. Just like... make sure it's really fashionable and crap and maybe a bit punk or something. He dresses really complicatedly... (if you're absolutely clueless, go onto musedoll.com and look at the clothes the male dolls wear, that's kinda what he wears a lot.)


And, uh... yeah. ^^; It's hard to describe someone who changes a lot... it's not like inconsistent form, it's almost shapeshifting, except he changes how old he looks and his clothes. And sometimes he dyes his hair.


Oh, and uh... he said to make sure he looks sexy ^^; Don't exactly know how you'd do that drawing a ten year old {I'm 17!}, but yeah.




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Thanks for possibly drawing my tulpa, or even anyone's, it's a great thing to do for the community.


Here's a video of a speed painting I did for Maddilyn:




[video=youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g93S27aoxFo


And here's the drawing on deviant art:






I'm sorry if her lips are bit too small, if you want me to make them a little bit bigger, don't hesitate to ask. :)



I'll continue with the other requests, and any incoming ones as well of course :)

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Haha thanks, I am very grateful. Can I give some feedback, some constructive criticism perhaps? I'm not sure if you want it or not, you didn't say in your post.

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RiserEmilioX's tulpa Mika






Here's a video of the process:




I'm going to start using other brushes than airbrushing, I'm really doing horrible with these faces. :( I was going to start on the face on a bigger canvas and then reduce the size and then make the body, but I don't want to push those pixels too much to where I'm working on a 10,000 x 10,000 canvas that might ruin the quality of the recording. I know that doesn't look anything like your tulpa lol, but there's only so much I could do with the references, so I do apologize if it looks all weird. x)


Thanks for letting me draw her! Also, feel free to add your input as well. :)


Will continue starting on the others and will take more incoming requests as well. :)

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