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As for taste, she tastes things already, without any effort, but her sense of taste seems to be different from mine, and able to affect mine to a small extent, too. As far as smoking goes though, she can't really taste or smell that. Her reasoning being "Well you just kinda breathe it, so, i guess it doesnt have a taste??", and when asked about the smell "um...nah, i just smell the air ^^".

Not that the smell/taste of smoke is something I can imagine her enjoying, so I don't really see any need to force the issue.


Haha, Mathias is still in the early stages of development, and he's insisting on wanting things (sensations/smells/tastes) to be as 'real' as possible. So although he didn't want to pick up smoking, he wanted to have an understanding of what it smelled like and tasted like. Being a smoker for 2+ years, I can barely 'taste' it anymore, but if I exhale out of my nose I experience grossness all over again.


He went 'ewwwww' and then told me that if I smell like cigarettes when I come into the wonderland, he's going to be honest and tell me I stink. I'm like 'Good, I want to quit anyways.'


I'm awful about this. I always make room for her, and open doors for her. I feel like I'm shutting them on her if I don't.


That' to be one of the most adorable things I've read on here. ;-;

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Nobillis says:


Kevin will often clear off the spare seat in the work ute (utility vehicle) for me, especially if we are traveling in the countryside.


Hmm, I switch now, so when I eat cake I'm actually eating it? Does that count, or what? I've no idea if what I do when switched counts for me or for Kevin, though legally Kevin is responsible because he's my parent.

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