Idea for forcing, since I can't maintain a nice wonderland?

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My idea is to visualize a place, but a small place so that it doesn't change into a bunch of ruckus. I can't maintain wonderlands. I don't want my tulpa to actually stay in there, though. I would just write things about and to them there on some imagined energy charged paper, and they could show up there if they wanted, but I want my tulpa to hang around locally, rather than in there.


Maybe I will write requests there, requesting them to appear, or say something, etc.


Has anyone tried anything similar to this and gotten results?

My lip hurts.

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I have a normal home and a holiday home so when I'm not at home I'll use it as my wonderland. When I'm at home I'll use my holiday home as my wonderland and sometimes I'll even use school.

On a short note, I just use a place that I'm familiar with, but that I'm not at. I find that if I use my home as my wonderland whilst I'm at home, It's terribly hard to concentrate because of other people being there.

I don't know if that helps, it's just easiest to visualize fo me.

Tulpa: Alex

Sex: Female

Visual Age: 5 ½ years old

Actual Age: A month old

Form: Humanoid


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Guest EnnervateIndustries

If you can't visualize a large structure or landscape, you could try just making a small room with little or no details. When I need to concentrate on something while forcing, I go into a room of smooth black stone and de-visualize the rest of my wonderland. It saves me the trouble of visualizing a few hundred square kilometers while concentrating, and the room actually has indefinite boundaries so the only thought about it is "black stone floor and walls," leaving a lot of concentration for Maia.

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I ended up creating a simplified wonderland that I now use as a gateway to our other wonderlands.


Initially it was a white space, that was it. When I felt confident and wanted to try to enter the wonderland again, I imagined a door, and made the door appear in the white space. I would regularly do forcing in both the white space with the door and I could go through the door to the wonderland when I felt we should do something in there together. In time even the white space became more concrete and details I had not thought of appeared, the white space became a long hallway, the floor I realized was basically white aquarium gravel, other sounds and details and noises appeared as it became very realistic in appearance. New doors could be created in the hallway and each leads to a different area of the wonderland or a different one entirely. The wonderland and my tulpas both became very very detailed in visualization in time. It just took a heck of a lot of practice!



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