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Draw my tulpa please?

Gatcha Gatcha

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Hello all,



I am new to these forums and also with tulpa creation. I have trouble visualizing Venus (my tulpa) so I was wondering if someone who is decent at drawing could draw my tulpa to help me out.


Venus’ Appearance

Shiny flowing white hair.

Light glowing green eyes.

White long sleeved sweater that’s longer than her arms.

Black thigh high socks and white shorts.

No shoes.

Warm, reassuring smile.

Smooth skin.


Anime-style is preferred, but if you want to draw her as a human, be my guest. If somebody could do this for me, I'd be very grateful.

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Thread moved to Tulpa Art in the hopes of a better chance at getting a positive result.


You could also try the weekly art thread on Reddit.


Gah, my bad Nobillis. I didn't see the tulpa art section sorry about that. I have someone on Reddit drawing it currently so I will post the result for everyone to see. :]

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